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Kiosk Cabin

Start Selling Right Now With Kiosk Cabins

Karmod modular portable kiosk cabins can be used safely for different purposes from food industry to hardware store. Modular kiosk cabins can be manufactured with opening glass, automated shutter with shock absorber and sun-shield. Floor covering and electric installation of our modular kiosk cabins are manufactured as ready-to-use. Our cabins include fuse box and outlets. Our kiosk cabins can be manufactured with plans having WC unit if requested.

Karmod portable modular cabins can be used for different purposes such as bread sales kiosk, fast-food selling kiosk, supermarket kiosk, tailor shop, newsstand, magazine and book sales point, tea shop, portable café, butcher, greengrocer, grocery store, supermarket, hardware dealer, and haberdashery. Booths For Sale Cabin

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