74 countries, 74 cultures are using our cabins for multi-purposesSpecial luxurious Metropol cabins for city centers from Karmod	 Europe's largest palace of justice is adorned with Karmod cabinsWe produced tickets sales booths for the football giant Manchester United

Modular Cabins

Modular Cabins Technology

Whether you buy our cabin to put it in front of your home, place of work or shopping malls it carries a stylish and elegant design. Our Turkish engineers and architects design our products with superior technology so that our modular cabins represent the best solution to meet the need of indoor spaces in modern urban life.

Karmod fiberglass living prefabricated cabins are easy to use, environmentally-compatible with their aesthetic design, multi-function and adding beauty to the surrounding environment. Karmod cabins come in different sizes and alternative plans suitable for different purposes and are insulated for more comfort.

Large Living Modular Cabins:

Karmod cabins enjoy a dazzling aesthetic appearance with their windows and doors compatibility, window ledges and outside lines. The wide interior space and ergonomic structure gives our valued customers comfortable and easy to use product. Since 1986 we have been producing cabins systems with high technology for domestic market and nearly 80 countries around the world as a leading brand name.

Portable Mobile WC and Shower Unit:

Karmod toilet and shower series is a special range of cabins that was developed to be used by commercial sector, construction sites, social facilities and public areas. The most important advantages of this series, is cabin mobility and portability. WC and shower cabins enjoy aesthetic design and functional usage and come in different dimensions.

Karmod Modular Cabins Quality Certified

Karmod has been in cabins production since 1986 and has already exported to nearly 80 countries under the registered name KARTAL PLAST. Karmod cabin is a patented product and holds ISO 9001-2000 and TSEK quality certificates. There are many copy products in the market so you need to pay attention that the product you are getting has ISO 9001-2000 and TSEK quality certificates.

Standard Cabin Technical Characteristics Modular Cabin Models


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