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Security Cabin

Your Surroundings are under your Control with Security Cabins

Being exported to more than 70 countries, Karmod modular security cabins are the most practical solution with high quality, suitability to security, and ergonomic design. We have different security cabin options from 150x150 cm size to 270x270 cm size. All our models can be delivered within a short period of time thanks to our high volume and efficient production. The cabins can be mounted glass shutter with shock absorber and sun-shield if requested. Electric lighting fittings are delivered as ready-to-use in our cabins. Our cabins also fuse box and outlet.

Karmod security cabins can fit any place with aesthetic and modern view. Karmod products are properly insulated and have superior manufacturing quality with respect to ordinary cabins. These units cause no smell thanks to our special painting method in the production that is carried out with special manufacturing method in modern facilities furnished with high technology.

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