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The worksite construction buidlngs of the third airport of Istanbul is been supplied by Karmod

With 10.2 billion EU investment budget and annual capacity of 150 million passengers, upon its completion it will be the largest airport not only in Europe, but in the whole world as well.

KARMOD has successfully completed manufacture and assembly of worksite buildings for the construction of this airport consisting of Administrative and technical offices, refectory, dormitories, canteens, work offices for the architects and engineers , wc and shower units, laundry and a warehouse. A new generation of container construction building model was applied for prefabricated structures. 



Istanbul's third airport at a glance


The airport will have 165 passenger-boarding bridges, four terminals connected with a railway system, three maintenance buildings, eight air traffic control towers, six runways, 16 taxiways, an airport hangar of 6.5 million square meters with a capacity of 500 airplanes, a parking lot with a capacity of about 70,000 vehicles and touted as the largest airport parking lot in Europe, a clinic, fire department, hotels, a convention center and recycling and waste disposal plants.



Prefabricated Municipal Management Building Completed


Prefabricated Municipal Management Building Completed



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