Completed Projects
Management Building

Prefabricated Municipal Management Building Completed

Karmod Prefabricated has completed and delivered new Municipality building made in Avsa Island. After completion of the project, the staff moved into the new building, and they provide a better service to the public of Island. Karmod Prefabricated B.. Details
Cabin City In Senegal

We Constructed A Cabin City In Senegal

Karmod Cabin continues large-scale projects without pausing. Having created difference with manufacturing quality and after-sales service concept, Karmod Cabin's products including 65 cabins were installed by our expert teams after delivered to Seneg.. Details

The worksite construction buidlngs of the third airport of Istanbul is been supplied by Karmod

KARMOD has successfully completed manufacture and assembly of worksite buildings for the construction of this airport consisting of Administrative and technical offices, refectory, dormitories, canteens, Details

Prefab Buildings | We executed a Thermal Plant's Construction Site in Canakkale Biga

With its brand assurance, Karmod has constructed all site buildings of the power plant that will have an important role in meeting the electricity needs of the region. The power plant project that was implemented at the town of Canakkale Biga include.. Details

As part of its ongoing partnership with the education sector Karmod has established a prefabricated high school building

Karmod has completed and delivered a prefabricated school project for Anadolu Imam Hatip high school in Gumushane, where students and teachers will use the new building in the new academic year.The governor and the provincial national education paid .. Details

A prefabricated Kindergarten was sent to Bursa by Karmod

Putting ergonomics and functionality at the forefront, karmod has competed the building of prefabricated nursery with its high technology and know-how. Providing functional area and active living environment for children were kept on top of the proje.. Details

Social assistance and solidarity foundation is still prefering Karmod prefabricated houses.

The Social Assistance and Solidarity Foundation (SYDV) in Sivas still prefer Karmod brand to provide prefabricated houses for families who are in need for homes. Houses were produced as 2 + 1and with on time delivery houses owners started to live in .. Details

Prefabricated work site buildings for European gas pipeline extension project from Karmod

BP-AZFEN partnership undertook the project of constructing the gas pipeline that will move gas from Azerbaijan to Europe through Turkey, and Karmod was chosen as a partner to provide prefabricated work site buildings solutions. Details

Huge project completed by Karmod in Iraq

Karmod has completed a large housing project last year in Baghdad the capital of Iraq. The project was completed in six months and consisted of 1884 residential units. Post-war reconstruction made Iraq in urgent and big need for housing projects and.. Details

The construction of Aksa Power Generator Plant Building was completed in Balikesir

Balikesir Aksa Generator will be using a prefabricated work site building from Karmod for their premises Details

Work site building was delivered to Anagold Mining in Erzincan for their gold mine site

Anagold gold mine work site buildings that were produced by Karmod consisted of one single-story and one two-story buildings. Details

Prefabricated work site complex was completed in Algeria

Among the many big projects that were completed with Karmod signature a 5 seperate work site buildings complex was implemented in Algeria. Details

The "Ice Cabin" project in Eritrea

Karmod has finished delivery of 46 living work site cabins complex to Eritrea the African country with the hot climate.Karmod living cabins were installed in Eritrea were the average temperature is 40 degrees Details

Libya has received container work site complex from Karmod

Every single day Karmod is signing new container projects. Just recently Karmod carried out a container work site project in Libya and delivered demountable containers as ready to use. Details

Work Site Prefabricated Buildings from Karmod to Caspian Oil Exploration Project

Karmod continues to provide prefabricated solutions to the construction and energy sectors.Within the scope of LLP CONS company's project, Details

Monumento sales and information office building in Kartal is completed

Being among the leading companies in prefabricated sector, Karmod was chosen by Monumento to establish their sales office in Kartal. Details

A prefabricated Mine work site building in Senegal

Karmod has also completed a prefabricated work site project in Senegal. The project was a prefabricated work site housing for employees of a mining company Details

Container housing project for Syrian refugees

After the Syrian revolution started and as a result of the brutal military force used against it thousands of people had to leave their homes and turned into refugees. Details

Bodrum and Dalaman airport prefabricated project from Karmod

TGS, a professional services company, added one more services point building and chose Karmod as a solution partner to make the building as prefabricated. The TGS services point is to provide services in Dalaman, Bodrum as of 2013. Details

Prefabricated work site project for Ufuk Boru Company was completed

Karmod has completed and delivered work camp and administrative prefabricated building to Ufuk Boru Co in Osmaniye. The project consisted of 3 building complex: 1 of 822 m² that contains dining hall, dormitory, Details

Production of Prefabricated Building for Oil Extraction Site in Libya was Completed

Karmod continues to deliver prefabricated work site buildings for the energy sector. Last project was delivered to Libya which is one of the biggest oil exporters. Details

Istanbul - Prefabricated Buildings for the Natural Gas Pipeline in Canakkale were Completed

Botas undertook the construction of 131 thousand meter length of Istanbul - Chanakkale natural gas pipeline and Karmod provided the prefabricated work site buildings that will be used for this project. Details

Karmod prefabricated buildings again on top; New establishment for the skiing centre in Ergan mountain

Karmod for prefabricated buildings continues to take place at the top. Karmod's new project was launched at an altitude of 3000 m on summit of Ergan Mountain. Details

Karmod cabins to be included inside one of architect Sinan's works

Karmod booths will be placed in the vicinity of Coban Mustafa Pasa Mosque in Gebze that is one of architect Sinan's 500 years old works. Details

Luxurious Prefabricated Sales Office for Boshphorus City Project

Karmod has delivered prefabricated sales office to Sinpas, the leading construction company in Turkey, at their Bosphorus City project in Halkali, Istanbul. Details

10 Prefabricated Schools project was completed


Prefabricated workers camp for Tuncbilek thermal power plant work site from Karmod


Karmod has completed a 250 people capacity worker camp in Somalia


Karmod modern security cabins to be used in Istanbul Palace of Justic


A combination of hygiene and ergonomic environment: Cancer Patients' Rehabilitation Building from Karmod Prefabricated Technologies

With the support of Nilufer municipality, a guest house and rehabilitation centre consisting of 12 separate buildings was launched for cancer patients' accommodation and rehabilitation. The building was implemented by Karmod prefabricated technologie.. Details
Prefabricated Office Building

Avsa Municipality Got A Modern Prefabricated Management Building

Avsa Municipality moved to a new administration building in order to serve Avsa island community better....

Modular cabin

Installation Of Modular Management Cabins Completed In Senegal

Karmod continues to finish large-scale projects without stopping....

Emergency Buildings

Karmod Emergency Living Units Of Three Different Types In The Region Hit By Earthquake

Karmod working overtime to catch up with the demand from Van region that has recently been hit by a catastrophic earthquake....

Earthquake Houses

A Helping Hand To The Earthquake Region From Karmod

Immediately after the earthquake, we did our best to help earthquake victims. We delivered containers and toilet cabins to the reg...

Karmod Prefabricated

A visit to Koutoubia holding the giant Moroccan food manufacturer

Mr. Mehmet Cankaya, Karmod's CEO has visited Koutoubia Holding which is leading producer of meat products in Morocco. ...

Big House Bulding

Karmod is to establish a big housing Project in Libya

Karmod has executed many housing projects around the world including 1884 housing project established in Iraq and after it an agre...

İnvited to pavillon President

Karmod was invited to the presidential Pavilion

Mr. Mehmet Cankaya, Karmod’s CEO was invited to dinner at the presidential palace on the hounour of President of Gabon Mr. Ali Bon...

Modular Buildings

Reassuring prefabricated building technology... Being a leader brand in prefabricated buildings, Karmod has been carrying out manufacturing in its own modern facility by means of Hi-Tech system. Taking into account customer expectations in Karmod prefabricated building system where long service life high quality aimed, each detail from raw materials to manufacturing has been put into a precise quality control system. Pre-manufactured products are transferred into the field of installation ...

Combining its experienced created beginning from 1986 with manufacturing quality within prefabricated building sector, Karmod sells its safe products with reasonable prices to its customers. Having owned ISO international quality system, Karmod prefabricated buildings are produced for new generation with long service life. All equipment used in the manufacturing is preferred by choosing brands known with their quality (door, windows, water and electric installation, roof and wall coverings ..

Prefabricated Homes

With state of the art manufacturing technology, modern style and aesthetic view of Karmod, prefabricated ready-to-use houses became a competent alternative to classical reinforced concrete buildings. With its global identity, Karmod plans and designs prefabricated homes in house by an expert group of architects and engineers.

Why Karmod for Prefabricated Ready-to-Use Houses? Karmod is an experienced Turkish brand having products in more than 70 countries. Karmod continues to grow since its establishment in 1986. It is now a well-known brand in a large geographical area thanks to its experience in the production of prefabricated structures and its portfolio of cost-effective products.


Versatile and High-Tech Container Solutions Karmod modular containers have been manufactured with modern manufacturing technologies. In all the phases from procurement and production to delivery, dedicated teams of professionals aim to provide an exceptional quality to the customers. Karmod has expert assembly teams together with quick planning and modern manufacturing system in order to meet all your needs.

Karmod provides alternative container solutions with respect to customer expectations with its designers and planners under the supervision of experienced engineers. Our team has successfully concluded a great number of projects in Turkey and the whole world with experience as of 1986 in special container and modular container buildings.


Choose Karmod for Your Modular Space Needs Karmod is the global leader in the production of modular and portable living spaces. Supporting its experience and knowledge in polyester products beginning from 1986 with technological investments, Karmod has reached to more than 70 countries today and it keeps increasing its manufacturing quality and quantity. Karmod developed an automatic cabin production system in order to minimize the errors, increase the capacity and respond to the growing dema

Why Karmod Cabin? Karmod modular cabin is a perfect cost-effective solution for any place and for various purposes. It aesthetically fits to any environment thanks to its appealing look. It is light-weight, durable, well-insulated and resistant to severe environmental effects. It generates no unpleasant smell unlike other products available in the market. These portable cabins can be customized in terms of their size, interior space and internal equipment. Standard sizes start from 150 cm x 1

Steel Homes

Owning a steel house is a privilege demonstrating good taste. A steel house provides many functions without sacrificing aesthetics, economy and durability. Karmod manufactures and constructs single and double-storey steel homes that are customized to best suit your needs and expectations.

It is a great pleasure to watch the seamless production and installation of a steel house in a short period of time by Karmod's experienced employees. State of the art manufacturing technology and extensive experience in the production as well as construction sectors are the main factors that brought the confidence possessed by Karmod.

Container Homes

Container Homes

Karmod Container homes International specializes in the design and manufacture of portable steel container buildings. At Karmod Container homes, we realize the importance of offering the customer high quality products that fit each company’s specifi..


Prefabricated Homes

Prefabricated Homes

Prefabricated homes a better life and better Karmod alanaları to create a future work. Modular homes and prefabricated panel for the comfortable life sistemliprefabrik prefabricated buildings construction sites are built. Modern design and portabili..


Demountable Containers

Demountable Containers

Karmod demountable containers can be transported, setup and moved with ease! Customers can come to your location, pick up the container and return it themselves when they are done. Virtually eliminating high transportation costs.


Prefabricated Hospitals

Prefabricated Hospitals

Modular medical buildings are a much better business decision. Extendable. Customizable. Relocatable. And very ROI-friendly - with occupancy at far lower cost than a traditional building, and productivity increase up to 50%.


Modular Army Building

Modular Army Building

Armies were one of the first consumers of modular buildings. These units are especially convenient for the military since they are not only portable and relocatable, but are also easy to erect/install in a very short period of time.


Construction Site Containers

Construction Site Containers

Portable office and construction site containers and custom modular construction containers are the faster, more affordable, more eco-friendly solution compared to traditional buildings. New buildings are expensive. And extended construction timeline..


Prefabricated Military Camps

Prefabricated Military Camps

Karmod produces prefabricated camps enhanced and customized for military needs. These camps can be quickly manufactured and installed on site to serve various needs of large military groups.


Modular Army Camp Facilities

Modular Army Camp Facilities

Karmod has long been the leader in the production and installation of temporary and permanent military camps. We were the main contractor of many modular army camps where the design, fabrication, delivery and installation of a fully functional camp, ..


Low Cost Housing Africa

Low Cost Housing Africa

One of the important principles under a lean production paradigm is termed ‘lean assembly’. This refers to simplifying the process of assembly through industrialisation, modularisations, standardisation, and continuous flow processes.


Guard House

Guard House

Karmod provides the most rugged and well-built guard houses, guard booths, guard shelters, border inspection booths, security access control checkpoints and observation towers.


Prefabricated Log Homes

Prefabricated Log Homes

Many consumers have negative connotations of prefabricated homes be them log homes or other. The confusion seems to lie in between the terms prefab and manufactured. Karmod Prefabricated homes are not manufactured homes, that is, they are not homes t..


Ticket Sales Kiosks

Ticket Sales Kiosks

Karmod Cabins used as ticket sales kiosks provide attractive, flexible and mobile additional retailing and display space, characterised by its distinctive image.


Modular Cabin, Security Kiosks

Modular Porta Cabin

Karmod modular cabin technologies. Guardhouse design is strong and rugged to meet the needs of our clients. Karmod Products Guard Shack uses our gambrel design, which maximizes strength and minimizes building components to make the enclosure light we..


Worksite Container Projects

Worksite Container Projects

Karmod is one of the world leading brands in containers production with its experience that started in 1986. With a production area of 13,000 square meters, Karmod produces worksite containers in a modern high-tech factory.


Caravan House, Prefab Cabins, Portacabin

Caravan House, Prefab Cabins, Portacabin

Caravan Prefabricated Housing Solutions, The best and cheapest choice for workforce site camp, Labor accommodation and all office portacabin can be fabricated as per your requirement


Portable kiosks buildings, Shelters manufacture

portable kiosks

Karmod is a World leader in production of secure and affordable kiosks in wide range of sizes and models.


Affordable prefab homes | Family modular hosing for Africa

prefab houseing

Karmod makes affordable prefab, cool & fun houses, We’ve spent 30 years designing and building amazing houses. We're experts at using the prefab housing system to create cost-effective, imaginative, energy-efficient, modern housing with space-efficie..

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