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Demountable Container (Flatpack)

Demountable Containers (Flatpack)

Demountable container with easy transportation and quick production features

No matter where in the world, big worksite building complexes can be installed in a short time with Karmod demountable containers that are produced according to international shipping standards for easy transportation. Karmod demountable containers are fully produced at Karmod modern production facilities according to international quality standards with demountable structure. The main structure of our demountable container is produced with screw system, then combined with wall and roof sandwich panels that have high insulation. For large-areas construction solutions our demountable containers can be joined together to form single storey or multi storey container buildings.

Karmod flat pack containers offers a great advantage since minimum four containers can be transported with trucks or 18-wheelers. In places where there is no crane, flat pack containers can easily be unloaded without any special equipment. Its installation is very easy with the bolted connection designs.

Thanks to their economical shipping and price advantages, our demountable containers are being preferred by worldwide projects such as BP, shell oil companies, companies that perform natural gas exploration and extraction activities, mining companies, road and airport construction companies. Our 2,3x5,95 m container, that is produced with Karmod demountable system, offers easy road transportation with 10 units can fit inside one truck and also easy sea transportation with 8 units can fit inside 40' HC container. All parts including windows and doors are packaged inside the flatpack container to be shipped as demountable, then it can be easily installed and delivered as ready to use.

Flatpack Container Installation

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