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Sandwich Panel Container

Quality with the new generation of sandwich panel container

Dimensions 300 x 700 cm and 230 x 600 cm

The world's most preferred container system is now produced in Turkey by Karmod. With 6 cm sandwich panel wall, 11 cm sandwich panel roof and electrostatic painted galvanized system that is assembled using bolts and nuts, Karmod new generation of containers technology has unique features in terms of insulation and quality. The sandwich panel used at Karmod container's wall panel and roof system provides high heat and sound insulation. Our containers are produced at 3x7 m dimensions with about 20 different ergonomically designed plans with possibility to join together and setup multi-storey buildings, and with easy transportation feature. Karmod containers are used by major construction and infrastructure projects as worksite buildings, executive offices, sales offices, dormitory, dining hall, WC and shower units and for many other different purposes.

The advantages of the new generation of sandwich panel container at a glance:

• High thermal and sound insulation with the sandwich panel system

• Use of steel on top and bottom of roof and wall panels

• High insulation with 6 cm wall panel thickness and 11 cm roof panel thickness

• Hidden middle carriers

• Seamless threaded production system

• Advantage of quick Installation on-site

• Belts and chassis are electrostatic painted

• Over plaster electrical wiring with cable channels

• PVC door and window

• Short-time production advantage

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