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Portable Toilet/Shower

WC and Shower containers with practical, long lasting ready to use structure

Our WC and shower containers are mostly used as WC-Shower solutions at work site offices, worker camps, mines, mineral exploration and extraction and road construction sites. Furthermore our containers offer the most economical and practical WC-shower solution used in parks, gardens, mosques, sports facilities, shopping centers, restaurants, petrol stations and similar places.

Karmod wc-shower containers are produced and shipped as ready to use with electrical wiring, plumbing, clean and waste water pipes, toilet unit, basin, taps are all included. All materials used in Karmod wc - shower containers are selected from top quality certified brands that conform to international standards. Karmod wc - shower containers can be produced based on different plans according to customer preferences. Optionally customer can have the container completely with wc units, completely with showers, or with required number of wc and shower units, and you can check different plans on our website.

Toilet & Shower Container Technical Characteristics Toilet & Shower Container Sample Projects


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