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Modular System Container

Jointed Containers
Modern Container Solutions from Construction Site to Office

Jointed containers are safe container building solution that can be joined to each other, and manufactured in different sizes and plans. It can be manufactured at requested sizes as single-story, double story or internal story. With export experience to nearly 70 counties since 1986, Karmod has successfully realized many jointed container project. From static calculations to planning, our jointed containers are constructed under the supervision of architects and engineers and they are known for their safety and long service life. With modular manufacturing structure, Karmod jointed containers can be disassembled and assembled to different areas if required.

Karmod jointed containers are produced at different plans and sizes according to different usage areas such as construction sites, office buildings, dormitories, dining halls, work camps, international sports and tourism organization buildings, sports facilities, military facilities, and houses.

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