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2,4M X 6M Containers

Container Standard 2.40x6 m

Being manufactured with belt system in our modern facilities, Karmod standard containers differ from others with their high standards, ergonomic multi-functional usage possibility. Sheet and metal bending operations that were made manually in classical manufacturing system are realized completely with machinery system in Karmod manufacturing system. Products with quality certificates are used in all details of Karmod container. From windows to interior doors, lighting fittings to water installation and connections, toilet seats to batteries, high quality products are used in each detail.

Steel materials and insulation materials used in the manufacture of Karmod container are also different. Karmod containers with high technology manufacturing are manufactured in accordance with environmentally friendly and long life usage.

Karmod 2.4 x 6 containers can be used as office, dining hall, dormitory, WC and shower in any construction environments and sites. Container is widely used in housing construction sites, road manufacturing sites, mines, fuel refineries, and ports. Working rooms, kitchens, WC and shower units in 2.4 x 6 containers are manufactured as ready-to-use.

Karmod 2.4 x 6 containers can be used as a house if required.

Karmod containers are manufactured according to transportation standards and can easily be delivered to any other place. With its modular structure, you can view 2.40x6 containers from here.

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