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Karmod Prefabricated Building Technologies

At Karmod, we strive to create value and make a difference in the world. We are conscious that success in business can only be achieved with high standards and customer satisfaction. We, hence, dedicate our resources to providing the world with affordable products that make lives better. We are committed in heart to preparing people for a safer and sustainable future.

Karmod continues to be the leader company in the construction sector with its prefabricated building solutions since its founding in 1986. Karmod started drawing international attention in its early years and Karmod’s products now reached more than 70 countries. It is possible to stumble upon a Karmod product anywhere in the world. People calling a modular cabin “Karmod” out of Turkish borders proves that we are on the right path to achieve excellence. We, however, are aware that the world is changing all around us and we need to keep innovating and delivering better products inexpensively and faster.

Our greatest value is to have the brightest employees, who are experts in their specialties, and experienced personnel. We are a fast moving and learning company, who constantly listens to its customers in order to better address their needs. We manufacture prefabricated units that are compliant with international quality standards, energy efficient and suitable to be used in severe weather conditions. We carry out production in our modern facilities equipped with state of the art technology and located on 21,500 m² total area in Istanbul. We are conveniently located in a city enabling us to ship our products to anywhere in the world easily via alternative modes of transportation.

Our product portfolio and monthly production capacities are as below:

•  Modular panelized buildings40,000m²/month
•  Mobile monoblock and flat pack containers1100/month
•  Portable polyester cabins: 500/month
•  Containerized residential and commercial facilities: 10,000 m2/month
•  Steel houses and villas: 10,000 m2/month
•  Pre-engineered steel structures: 10,000 m2/month
•  Polyethylene and fiberglass water tanks: 25,000/month

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