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Demountable Containers

Karmod demountable containers can be transported, setup and moved with ease! Virtually eliminating high transportation costs. 
Demountable containers are a man-portable exciting new product range suited ideally to domestic, industrial, commercial or any other type of location that has limited or restricted access. On some sites it is not possible or safe to deliver prefabricated buildings by lorry mounted crane because of weak or low bridges, overhead obstructions such as electricity cables, or because of restricted site entrances and access. 
Demountable containers is a handy alternative and is light enough to be offloaded in sections from a flat bed pick up and carried by two people.  It is made up sections that are small enough to fit through small passageways.  Assembly of these disassembled buildings will take 2-3 people around 1-2 hours using a socket set (not included).
Flatpack Container Installation


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