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Portable kiosks buildings, Shelters manufacture

Karmod is a World leader in production of secure and affordable kiosks in wide range of sizes and models.

We have the pride to have delivered our kiosks to about 90 countries around the world. Our cabins can be found round the corners in streets of Istanbul, London, Abuja, Khartoum, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, France, Greece and tens of other countries.

As kiosk suppliers, Karmod provide its products based on standard models to customers  for all usages. You can have a need for a closed area at any sector and for any type of business and you will definitely find the best solution among our polyester cabins.

Our portable modular kiosks are suitable for all businesses with their robust structure, glossy surface and insulated wall panels. They are mostly preferred as security shacks, guard booths, retail shops and cafes, catering units for the food and beverage industry, and information points and tickets sales kiosks for sports events and entertainment venue.

Our mobile kiosks some with dimensions starting from 150 x 150 cm and up to 270 x 750 cm with the option of having a forklift pocket chassis for easy lifting and relocating. Karmod is also unique in producing special wide kiosks with dimensions start from 390 x 390 cm and up to 390 x 1230 cm providing a closed area of about 50 square meters.

Whether you were looking for a security hut, gatehouse, security cabin, guard hut, security booth then you can find the right solution among our versatile and wide range of security kiosks. With the advantages of long-lasting and cost-effectiveness our modular kiosks became the most favorable choice worldwide.

Our modular cabins and kiosks are used by Manchester united as tickets sales kiosks, by formula one as information point, by UN as accommodation units, by Oil and gas companies as labor accommodation, by Istanbul municipality as bread selling kiosks, and by thousands of other customers that are using them as catering kiosks, coffee kiosks, ice cream kiosks, portable cafes, food and beverage units, food stalls, street food kiosks in many different sizes and models.

At Karmod prefabricated buildings we feel proud of our customers choice of our cabins in every corner of the world.

Your chance to own a ready kiosk is only one phone call far from you. 

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