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Prefab Medical Buildings

Health Centers, Hospitals, Natural Treatment Facilities

Karmod uses its construction experience on international projects for hospital solutions. Complicated structures from emergency units to operating rooms, polyclinics to rest areas and to social facilities in prefabricated hospitals are safely constructed with Karmod experience. Today, together with development in health services, the need for health buildings have increased building budgets to high levels. With its modular structure, Karmod offers economic solutions in terms of the budget for health building expenses.
Apart from costs, safe and rapid presentations of health services have gained importance. For this reason, we construct large spaces creating good service environment with prefabricated buildings.
A good insulation, safe structure model and comfortable places conformable with the environment are important factors for hospital complexes.

Quick and Secure Hospital Building Solutions

Modular prefabricated structures that are made pre-manufacturing by using high technology in the facility are built within a shorter time in a safer and more economic way in comparison with buildings constructed conventional technique on-site. By monitoring quality of building under facility conditions and with saving on time and keeping an optimum level of production costs, these advantages are reflected on building costs positively in terms of customer.

Prefabricated buildings also give an opportunity for different internal and external applications in terms of architectural design and aesthetic impact. Outer coatings, inner decorations, roofs, windows and doors are also made in accordance with customer's requests.

Indispensable parts in hospital facility such as central heating and air conditioning, central nurse calling system etc. applications are easily made in prefabricated structures.

Advantages of Karmod Prefabricated Hospital Structures:
- Easy loading and quick installation
- Special design for the requirements of hospital complex
- Production with quality control system in addition to high technology
- More efficient use of economic resources

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