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Avsa Municipality Got A Modern Prefabricated Management Building

Avsa Municipality moved to a new administration building in order to serve Avsa island community better. Avsa Municipality officials preferred Karmod Prefabricated Building Technologies for the production and installation of this new and aesthetic service building.  The new service building manufactured using cutting-edge technology has a closed area of 530 m2.

Modern Management Building

Installation Of Modular Management Cabins Completed In Senegal

Karmod continues to finish large-scale projects without stopping. Having created difference with our quality in production and customer service in the operational life of our products, Karmod's products including 65 cabins were installed by our expert teams after a succesful delivery to Senegal.

Cabins to be used as management cabins have different dimensions such as 3,90 m x 12,30 m, 3,90 m x7,50 m and 2,70 m x 2,70 m. Customized cabins also have additional accessories, such as blinds and air-conditioner.

Installation Of Modular Management Cabins Completed In Senegal

Karmod Emergency Living Units Of Three Different Types In The Region Hit By Earthquake

Karmod is working overtime in order to provide a solution to the damnification of people living in Van and Ercis District where appalling earthquake experienced. Karmod provides products specifically made for earthquake with emergency living containers, prefabricated emergency settlement ready-to-use houses, living cabins, and WC- shower cabins.

Karmod continues its container production containing 2 rooms, washbasin, WC, and shower units within highly insulated living spaces with 300 x 700 dimensions, and 21 m2 area for the purpose of using for temporary sheltering.  Karmod constructs emergency state settlement containers with 3 different dimensions specifically constructed for earthquake, and delivers to the region after manufacturing within a short time continuing as 2 shifts.  Karmod Container offers warm spaces for our sufferer citizens where they can life safely in winter conditions with its specially insulated structure.

Karmod Prefabricated brings long life and quickly-installed prefabricated houses to the citizens in earthquake region in addition to production of 3 different prefabricated ready-to-use houses having quick installation feature designed according to severe winter conditions in Van province. Our citizens can be able to live in Karmod prefabricated houses for long years that have been manufactured with seamless screw system technology.

We offer different choices with "Emergency Settlement Units" modular polyester cabins with newly designed high insulated polyurethane sandwich panel that could be able to hold earthquake victims to the life following earthquake seen in Van. Taking into account severe winter conditions, we produce Karmod cabins in 3 different designs having 20 m2 area together with 2 rooms, tea oven, WC, and shower units in dimensions of 270 x 750 according to the actual manufacturing program for Emergency Settlement Units for meeting increasing needs of temporary sheltering needs.

Portable WC Cabins

Karmod puts portable WCs into service that are completely ready to use which can easily be used in disaster areas. Karmod portable WCs are manufactured completely ready to use with WC unit, washbasin, electric installation, sanitary installation, and water installation. As the largest WC cabin manufacturer, Karmod is the demanded brand of portable WCs with high output capacity and quality. We keep stocks of single and double portable WC cabins, and upon request we carry out manufacturing in WCs with 3, 4, and 5 units.

A Helping Hand To The Earthquake Region From Karmod

We have provided help by sending containers and WC cabins with the thought of small contribution for relieving as Karmod family.  Following the earthquake, we succored to our earthquake victim citizens collectively by showing a great association as a nation.   We have provided help by sending containers and WC cabins with the thought of small contribution for relieving as Karmod family.

Containers and cabins sent by Karmod is being used in the garden of health coordination center established in the region.

We, as Karmod family, submit our condolences to our citizens died in the earthquake, and wish injured persons a quick recovery where 550 persons died and 2,300 of them injured.

A Helping Hand to the Earthquake Region from Karmod

A Helping Hand to the Earthquake Region from Karmod

A Helping Hand to the Earthquake Region from Karmod

A visit to Koutoubia holding the giant Moroccan food manufacturer

Mr. Mehmet Cankaya, Karmod's CEO has visited Koutoubia Holding which is leading producer of meat products in Morocco. Koutoubia is the largest brand in production and distribution of read meat, turkey meat, salami, sausage and other similar products.

In addition to food sector Koutoubia has also investments the fields of costruction and tourism. Koutoubia holding is planning to make investments in tourism vacations at coastal areas through offering time sharing rentals.

Koutoubia Holding management asked for information about Karmod's products that include prefabricated houses, luxury living containers, security cabins and WC and shower units.

At the end of the meeting that was held in friendly environment an agreement in principale was reached and Koutoubia started to work on realizing their needs of Karmod products.

Karmod is to establish a big housing Project in Libya

Karmod has executed many housing projects around the world including 1884 housing project established in Iraq and after it an agreement about big housing project in Libya is being finalized. First phase of the project will include 500 houses, and sample house has already been completed and installed by Karmod.

Libian Minister of housing and Infrastructure Mr. Ali Hussein AlSharif visited one of our sample houses locations in Libya and got information from it. Based on that Mr. Ali Hussein Al-Sharif decided to visit Karmod's modern factory in Istanbul in order to discuss in depth more details about Karmod prefabricated houses production system. He then gave Karmod the good news of their intention to by 500 houses as a first stage. Libyan Housing and Infrastructure Minister Mr. Ali Hussein Al-Sharif prefered Karmod as a quality producer in prefabricated sector to cover the defict in housing in Libyan market. He furthermore stressed on the cultural ties between Turkey and Libya.

Karmod was invited to the presidential Pavilion

Mr. Mehmet Cankaya, Karmod’s CEO was invited to dinner at the presidential palace on the hounour of President of Gabon Mr. Ali Bongo and attendance of Mr. Abdullah Gul president of Republic of Turkey. President Gul and president Bongo performed talks about two countries’ friendship, brotherhood and cooperation and committed to further strengthen the political relations. Mr. Gul stressed that “We want to work closely with our bothers in Gabon to improve all areas of relations through paying attention to development initiatives.”

Gabon to build 200 thousand residential units

As one of the leading companies in Turkey, Karmod has been invited for the 2 hours dinner where the delegation of Turkish business men met with delegation of Gabon businessmen. On behalf of the board of directors of Karmod, Mr. Mehmet cankaya the vice president attended the meeting about establishing 200 thousand housing units with an investment amount of $600 million.