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Affordable Prefab Housing Low Income

Karmod with its modern prefabricated buildings technology has successfully executed mass housing projects worldwide with the advantages of quick production, quick installation, long lasting structures and economic prices.  
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With its trained teams that perfectly synchronize between projects and production Karmod produces residential areas and public housing projects at short time in addition to emergency residential units to face housing shortage after natural disasters such as floods and earthquakes. For investors searching for quick profit we offer solutions for holiday resorts, recreation facilities and hot spring facilities that can be produced and installed in short time.
Our public housing projects that were completed worldwide included social facilities such as school, health facilities, places of worship, shopping centres, sports hall, administration building, fitness centre and other functional areas.

Baghdad and Kut Public Housing Project Iraq Baghdad-2 Public Housing Project Onko-Day Rehabilitation Center and Patient House Bayburt and Giresun Social Housing Project Alucra Social Housing ProjectMass Housing

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