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Prefabricated Homes

Prefabricated homes a better life and better Karmod alanaları to create a future  work. Modular homes and prefabricated panel for the comfortable life. Prefabricated buildings in construction sites are built. Modern design and portability feature is the 4 season climate conditions suitable for delivery quality, economical multi-purpose leader of prefabricated structures, prefabricated buildings and in the whole city of Turkey. Karmod houses produce.
Architects, engineers and computer-controlled, sourced and manufactured without welding technology panel system buildings, as well as being economical option is offered a high quality product.

Karmod prefabricated buildings, production speed, ease of transport and assembly as provided significantly shorten delivery times. Single-storey, multi-storey (max.3 adults) and different sizing options, and all kinds of architecture according to the climatic conditions are designed to meet the need of housing. Pre-manufactured light prefabricated buildings can be installed on prepared concrete floor. With the structure of the system of structural steel to be the biggest advantage is that it is earthquake resistant and lightweight. Structures to be manufactured in a short time and to provide fast installation, can be disassembled and assembled again to be in features, the preference prefabricated structures are Increasing reason. Packaging material in international transport and international production in accordance with the rules is packed.

Karmod Prefabricated Technologies, a leading company of the prefabricated house sector in Turkey,introduces permanent and comfortable housing solutions to the customerswith the Karmod brand in Turkey, wherethe prefabricated sector is developing rapidly. It is the era of prefab homes. New generation of prefab homes has anexciting blend of highly modular methods andcompelling design. Innovations in manufacturing and preassembling methods reduces on-site installiation time dramatically. Prefabrication is completed in a largely automated process, which is very efficient and precise. Energy efficient design minimizes the impact of the buildings to the environment. Modular fabrication provides the flexibility to specify your own design and finishes.

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