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Prefabricated Hospitals

Karmod has vast experience in prefabricated hospitals and modular medical buildings. Modular hospitals are a much better business decision. Extendable. Customizable. Relocatable. And very ROI-friendly - with occupancy at far lower cost than a traditional building, and productivity increase up to 50%.

The prefabricated hospital provides an autonomic defined zone, well isolated from the environments around, where the control of this autonomic zone is variable. Karmod offers:

- Modular medical offices: surgical, clinical or dental
- Modular emergency rooms
- Modular diagnostic centers
- Modular operating rooms
- Modular hospital extensions
- Modular laboratories
- Modular imaging centers
- Complete modular hospitals
- Modular research suites
- Modular medical clinics
- Modular veterinarian clinics

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