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Steel Buildings

Safety is the First Priority at Karmod

Karmod has been manufacturing steel buildings that challenge classical construction methods and provide a safer and fast-track alternative to the construction industry. Benefits of steel structures combined with our manufacturing experience in the industry since 1986 enable us to inexpensively deliver the highest quality buildings. While realizing steel construction considering durability, lightness, flexibility, uniqueness and economy, Karmod provides  comfortable Steel Houses and Steel Structure buildings on turn-key basis..

Owning a steel house is a privilege demonstrating good taste. A steel house provides many functions without sacrificing aesthetics, economy and durability. Karmod manufactures and constructs single and double-storey steel homes that are customized to best suit your needs and expectations. It is a great pleasure to watch the seamless production and installation of a steel house in a short period of time by Karmod's experienced employees. State of the art manufacturing technology and extensive experience in the production as well as construction sectors are the main factors that brought the confidence possessed by Karmod. We know that our ideas and abilities shape families' trust to their homes and we do our best to make them feel happy at a peaceful modern steel building. This very trust raises the most joy and happiness for us in our business.


Why Steel House?

- Light-weightness and more resistance to earthquakes and strong winds
- Sustainability and less lifecycle cost thanks to low maintenance costs and highest quality materials, such as galvanized steel
- Shorter construction period with the help of modularity and error-free prefabrication of building elements
- Environment-friendly thanks to reusable steel members and minimized wastes by efficient usage of materials in the factory
- Functionality, provided by relocatable, replaceable and load carrying walls and efficient usage of the space

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