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Mining Accommodation Camps

Site preparation and construction; Remote mining and construction camp accommodation.
Designed for occupant comfort, our site offices, camps, and prefab worker housing offer you a quality solution to your space or accommodation need and We can supply your mining camp site, mining accommodation units, modular motels, offices, kitchens with dining areas, recreation rooms, gyms, health facilities.
The mining and resources sector requires a highly-specialised approach. Our in-house design and construction team have had years of experience delivering custom-designed off-site modular constructed solutions built to the highest quality. At Karmod, we have been helping provide mining and resource companies with facilities for more than 36 years. From standard mining camp accommodation buildings, mining dongas, administration buildings, kitchens and gymnasium facilities, Karmod provides fast and effective solutions for a wide range of needs.

Remote Accommodation Camps & Mining Camps

Construction projects in remote areas require buildings where the technical team and workers can stay for a certain period of time. The most suitable choice for these buildings is transportable buildings. Because transportable camp buildings have modular structure. They are easy to manufacture and many modular mining buildings can be produced in a very short time compared to traditional structures. The installation of the products that are shipped as modules to the delivery site is done by the manufacturer. And these buildings have quite economical prices compared to traditional buildings. Thanks to their portable features, you can use it for another project when a project is over. When the need to expand the buildings arises during the project process, they can be expanded much more easily thanks to their production with unwelded system. New building units can be produced in a very short period of time, contributing to the timely completion of your project.

Modular buildings for construction sites, camps, and offices

As one of the world’s leading modular mining camp buildings designer and manufacturers, we provide you many conveniences and dozens of advantages in your Mining Man Camp Accommodation projects. Founded in 1986, we are a company based in Turkey. With the experience and advantage of being in the sector for 35 years, we choose the best building type for you, and if necessary, we deliver and install them anywhere in the World by custom sizing. We produce every structure required by temporary and permanent man camps, all-inclusive, specially for you.

Premium Modular Cabins for Worker Camp Accommodation

When you choose Karmod products in mining camp accommodation or other man camps projects, you can safely use your buildings in your other projects too. For our long-lasting, all-season products, you do not have to extra budget for maintenance costs. You can use them for long periods without maintenance. Everything that a modular construction mining man camp requires is available in the Karmod production group.

Mining Man Camp Accommodation are complex structures that include many buildings. Many different building groups are required, from dining halls to dormitories, from workf offices to executive offices. From sterile and healty dining halls to comfortable dormitories, from work offices that increase work efficiency to multi-purpose executive offices, we can produce any building you want in special sizes fro you.

Mobile Camp, Modular Space Solutions

From mining canp accommodation to airport construction, the world’s leading construction companies prefer and recommend Karmod. As a company that has proven itself with its strong references, we believe that we will choose the best building type for you. We stand out with our production and installation speed, our building quality resistant to harsh conditions and our budget-friendly prices. We produce easy to assemble modular construction mining man camps accommodation and transportable mining camp buildings.

The leader in mobile, modular worksite accomodations

Karmod has provided temporary and permanent mining camps and facilities around the world, from the heights of the Chilean Andes, to the rain forests of Gabon, Africa. Experience is one of the most important aspects when designing and doing a job. As a company that has been in the sector for 36 years and has cooperated with companies working in many different fields, we also provide consultancy services with our experience. While designing our Mining Man Camp Accommodation products, we take care to plan in a way that does not obstruct the work area. We plan your buildings by elaborating on the requirements of each sector. With the experience we have in your industry, we anticipate the problems you may encounter in your project process and work hard to prevent these problems. We make production by taking into account the number of workers that may increase during the project, and evaluate every element that will affect your project process negatively.

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