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Karmod Modular Mining is the most preferred company for modular camping buildings to all world leader companies in modular mining camp production. Our innovative technology, we build modular mining camp buildings in every mining camp corner of the world. The products we create in the Modular Mining Camping Technology sector, the solutions we engineer, and the service we offer make us different as Karmod. We are more than a modular mining company, we are a community of passionate, creative professionals striving for a common vision: revolutionizing the way the modular mining industry works. As Karmod, you are part of a global brand that promotes Innovation and encourages mining companies to think big, share ideas and be yourself.

Remote Accommodation Camps & Modular Mining Camps

Considering the fact that Modular Mining is undertaken at various remote locations, there needs to be an effective and convenient solution for Modular Mining workers when it comes to accommodation. Introducing prefab and/or Modular Mining camps. These mine camps are prefabricated Karmod Modular Mining Building off-site with the comfort, convenience and security of the mine workers, which always remain a top priority, in mind.

Prefab and/or Modular Mining camps designed and installed Karmod Builidng are created to be lightweight and easily transportable. They are also durable to ensure that your investment stands the test of time. Our mine camps offer space in which the miners can reside when they are not working. We are also able to supply Modular Mining units that can be effectively utilised as admin offices, kitchen facilities, additional storage space for various equipment and machinery, as well as ablutions.

Since 1986, Karmod Prefabricated Modular Mining Technologies developed itself and helped realizing countless projects. Promoting innovation in our workplace, with our expert research and development team, we always researched and implemented new technologies that this era has to offer in our Modular Mining buildings and other services. From Modular Mining accommodation services and durable guard shacks to prefabricated Modular Mining and prefab health facilities, all of our practical products contain the core elements of a Modular Mining building but designed to provide much more. All of our products are designed to be extra durable, cost-efficient, configurable, portable and practical. Meaning, they can be moved from one place to another, can withstand most harsh environments, can have their entire interior or exterior customized and still be affordable. With our expert teams, we are also constantly developing to improve and add to these features.

Modular mining camp construction

As Karmod Modular MiningTechnologies, we attach great importance to innovation and always design our products to be as efficient and high-quality as possible. The process of making prefabricated panels, which most of our products are made out of, is especially considered to maintain our quality of service. When working, we also consider all humane measures and act professionally by taking necessary precautions to reduce the amount of disturbance we may cause to minimum. As Karmod Modular Mining Technologies, we respect all religions, traditions, ideas, and communities. We believe that one of the main factors of our success is the relationship we have between our clients and maintaining the quality of our services throughout the years. Karmod Modular Mining Technologies is known for being an expert at providing for heavy-duty operations so especially in construction projects or other heavy-duty operations, we are known for our practical services.

Modular Mining Systems Units for Workforce Accommodation

The mining industry is a well-established industry with unique features. It has almost the same history as human history. Considering that mining is carried out in areas far from residential areas, housing conditions are an important factor for mine workers. Modular Mining camps are units built for the accommodation of workers. A lot of effort has recently been made to improve working conditions in the mining industry. Modular buildings for mining camps are the latest technology products created for these industries. These mining camps are produced with the comfort, convenience and safety of miners in mind, which is always the top priority. The modular units produced in the factory are made prefabricated off-site. Designed and established Modular Mining camps are created to be light and easily portable. Thanks to being produced in a factory environment, they pass various tests and are durable for long-term use. Mining camps also provide areas where miners can reside for recreational purposes when not working. It also includes administrative offices, kitchen facilities, additional storage areas for various equipment and machinery. 

Increase Your Efficiency with Karmod Modular Mining Camp Buildings

We supply modular mining units that can be used effectively by your entire team and provide on-site installation. There are multiple reasons why modular buildings are used in the Modular Mining industry projects. First, they can be installed in the desired area quickly and cheaply. The fast and easy construction process of their buildings reduces the amount of waste that will occur during this process. Prefabricated modular remote workforce housing solutions minimizes problems within the facility and provides a quality accommodation environment. We establish close relationships with our customers and work together throughout the production and delivery processes. Workforce housing for gold mine camp also reduces the risks of occupational accidents. We aim to provide a comfortable working environment for you and your workers with its environmentally friendly structure.

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