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Portable work site buildings

We have been one of the leaders of the building industry for 36 years. Our products include: Prefabricated buildings, container buildings, office buildings, educational buildings, hospitals, intensive care units, dining halls, mine site accommodation, steel site structures (houses, schools,…), military camps… With Karmod modular portable work site buildings ergonomic design, high efficient and functional area usage your projects will be easier. We produce turn-key Portable worksite buildings and steel structures.

Our buildings are products that are conveniently manufactured with trouble-free serial production that enable you to complete your project in the most efficient way from the very beginning. They offer fast assembly and have economical prices. You will definitely be very pleased with the attractive prices, high quality and appearance of Karmod’s Portable work site buildings products.

Our products are designed by expert architects, engineers and experienced teams. With the controlled production stages, every possible problem is prevented and we deliver it to our customers in the best way until the installation. High customer satisfaction is put at the center and Karmod products are produced with high quality and standards.

High Quality, Affordable Portable Worksite and Office Buildings

One of the most important features of our 36 years of experience in the international sector and our high quality products is on-time delivery. As a company that has contributed to dozens of large-scale and critical projects, we are aware of how important each second is in projects. Thanks to our long years of experience and our expert teams, we produce Portable work site buildings with superior quality, short production time and economic price difference advantages.

Our turnkey worksite buildings are a product of high technology. As Karmod, we follow the innovations and technology in the sector very closely. We are constantly trying to improve our production systems and structures by analyzing the problems. Our products included in our Portable work site buildings: dining halls, dormitories, work offices, management offices, security cabins, promotion offices… All buildings can be single-storey or two-storey. Thanks to their portable features, they can be easily moved from one place to another. They have the advantage of being used in more than one project.

The needs and obligations of each project are different. For this reason, as Karmod, we carry out extensive studies on each project. We design and manufacture the best buildings of the age, both architecturally and ergonomically. One of the most important points we pay attention to in our worksite building designs is safety. Each of our Portable work site buildings are manufactured to international quality standards and provide high security work site accommodation areas.

Portable site offices – For every construction site

One of our most preferred and state-of-the-art technology products, together with construction site structures, is steel site structuresPortable worksite buildings out with their environmentally friendly and much more economical features than traditional structures. They can be preferred for dozens of different building needs from home to school. With their light weight, their load carrying capacity is quite high. They are durable and long-lasting structures that can be used throughout all seasons. They can be produced as one-storey or two-storey according to your needs and requests. They are produced unwelded, easy to install and done in a short time.

Karmod portable construction site buildingssteel structures and all products are delivered including all parts such as steel doors, interior panel doors, insulated PVC windows, electrical and water installations, roofing, interior and exterior paint. All parts and materials used in their production are selected from the highest quality brands. You can find technical specifications and details on our website. If you want, you can get detailed information from Karmod company executives in 7 days 24 hours for all your building needs.

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