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Prefabricated mining camp

Karmod modular mining camp buildings is the market leader in building transportable infrastructure for remote workforce mining camps. Prefabricated Mining Camp and Containers. Our accommodation containers are the ideal solution for temporary housing at mining camps and Oil Camp Housing – Man Camp – Workforce Housing Mining modular building accommodation, camps, offices and catering · Mining and oil sands camps · Construction trailers · Prefab mobile offices and Comfortable: Solid construction and design, make modular buildings as comfortable as a site-built complex.

Prefab and Modular Accommodation Camps & Mining Camps

Modular Offices, Camps, and Prefab Worker Housing, High Quality Modular Prefab mining camps with Competitive Price.
Designed for occupant comfort, our site offices, camps, and prefab worker housing offer you a quality solution to your space or accommodation needs. Modular Building, Mobile Camp, Site Offices, Accommodations, Ablutions, Modular Space Solutions, Mining Camps, Oil Camps, LNG Camps, , Classrooms and more Karmod Prefab. Mining Container Camps for sale, Mining Prefab Buildings, Miner’s Prefabricated Accommodation. Mining Container Homes for Sale. Solid construction and design, make modular buildings as comfortable as a site-built complex.

Many oil camps, gas camps and mining camps need to be built in remote areas. This means companies must provide food services and accommodations for the workers, often for extended periods of time. Prefabricated oil camp, gas camp and modular mining camp are the most suitable buildings for this need. Prefabricated buildings are produced in very short periods of time and offer the most durable solution for temporary solutions. When quality structures are preferred, they can be used for very long periods or for multiple projects.

Mining | Modular Building Construction Companies

As a leading Turkey supplier of mining camp accommodations, Karmod offers the best products in transportable building solutions. We can supply your mining camp site, mining accommodation units, modular motels, offices, kitchens with dining areas, recreation rooms, gyms, health facilities with our prefabricated mining camp products. Karmod is the leading Turkey provider of innovative accommodation and core portable camp solutions. Some of our fields of work are: turnkey prefabricated solutions for oil and gas, general contracting projects, modular prefabricated turnkey camp projects.

Since 1986, with our construction sites and prefabricated buildings, we have been continuing to serve the world’s leading brands and projects that make a sound. Shahdeniz 2 Natural Gas Project, Istanbul Airport Project, Sudan Portable Mining Camp, Saudi Arabia Tureyf Portable Mining Camp, Malta Quad Business Towers Project, Eritrea and Senegal Gold Mine Workers Camp are just a few of these important projects.

Karmod, the choice of the best since 1986

It is important that the prefab mining camp structures where the personnel involved in the competing processes of construction projects will be accommodated are ergonomic and comfortable, easy to maintain and can be used in all conditions. The ability of each employee working in the project to do their job properly, to have a healthy shelter affects the efficiency of their work. This is very important for the smooth progress of the project process.

As Karmod, we produce ergonomic, comfortable and durable prefabricated oil camp, gas camp and modular mining camp structures. As a company that has been in the sector since 1986, we are aware of the requirements of the sector. Thanks to dozens of different projects from dozens of different sectors we are involved in, we know what will be the best for you. With our superior quality and innovative technology system, we offer you permanent quality solutions in your temporary solutions, while at the same time helping you to find the best for your project. Iraq, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kazakhstan, Libya are among the countries that prefer our construction sites from oil to natural gas.

Prefabricated Oil & Gas Camp

Turnkey mining camp construction is the best choice for your projects in remote areas. Karmod is the best choice for turnkey mining camp construction. Our structures are available in all seasons. They are durable and long-lasting structures.

Karmod produced all of the worker campus structures of the Shahdeniz 2 Natural Gas project, which has the highest reserve in the world so far. Located near Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, on the shore of the Caspian Sea, the facility has the potential to provide natural gas energy to all of Europe via Turkey. Among the buildings we specially designed and produced within the scope of the project, from dormitory and dining hall buildings to construction site offices, from laboratories to prayer halls, from canteens to training halls, everything required for an accommodation camp was considered. Everything that a construction site may need is in the Karmod product group. You can contact us for your oil camp, gas camp, mining camp or any construction site accommodation needs. You can browse the portable worksite structures preferred by the best companies in the world on our website.

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