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Wide Cabin

Wide, Secure and Practical Areas With Our Modular Cabins

Karmod industrial wide cabins come in dimensions starting from 270x390 cm up to 390x1230 with demountable panel system, and is considered best solution for the need of indoor practical, secure, reliable and economical areas. Thanks to Karmod cabin panel system, it can be assembled at the factory or optionally at any required location.

Karmod cabins that are produced with panel system can offer up to 50 square meter of practical closed areas.

With their high quality and reliability, Karmod industrial wide cabins are the most economical solutions for different areas such as: security cabin, social facility, visitor waiting hall, bank cabin, restaurant booth, market stall, showroom booth, exhibition booth, health center cabin, local government cabin, police station, security booth, customs check point, dining hall and sales office.

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