Container Homes
Container Homes

Container Home Models and Design

In the realm of innovative housing solutions, Karmod leads the way with our versatile Container Home Models. Designed with efficiency and sustainability in mind, these models embody the ease and practicality of modular homes. Whether it's a fully-equipped single unit or a larger, more complex design, our container homes can be customized to suit your lifestyle and preferences.

The interior design of container houses offers a refreshing take on compact living. Every aspect is meticulously planned to optimize the use of space while not compromising on comfort. Walking inside, you will be surprised at how much a container house can truly feel like a home. It's the beauty of a tiny house with the resilience of a steel house.

Container Home Images

Karmod's range of container homes come in various shapes, sizes, and designs, each meticulously planned to offer both style and functionality. Our online gallery provides a wide array of container home images that capture the essence of modern living in these innovative structures.

  • Our flat pack container homes are particularly popular for their versatility and easy installation process.
  • Images of our container duplex house reveal the potential for spacious, multi-level living within a compact structure.
  • On our platform, you'll find beautiful container homes that rival traditional residences in aesthetics and comfort.

Container Hoses Inside

A peek inside our container homes will reveal a modern, well-designed space that can be customized to your needs. They are essentially a blank canvas waiting for your personal touch. Each container home is equipped with the necessary amenities for comfortable living, including a compact kitchen, a cozy living area, and well-thought-out sleeping quarters.

Moreover, every container home benefits from the inherent sturdiness of its steel structure. This ensures longevity and durability, making our homes a practical choice for long-term living.

Container Home Prices

Pricing for our container homes is as diverse as our range of designs. We believe that everyone should have access to affordable housing, which is why our prefab homes are competitively priced. The cost varies based on size, design complexity, and customizations.

Whether you're a minimalist seeking a simple, low-cost solution or someone looking for a larger, more elaborate design, we have options to suit every budget. We invite you to explore our range of container home models and find the one that fits your lifestyle and financial plan.

container House Automotive Technology Paint

From the planning stages to the final touches, Karmod is committed to making your dream of owning a container home a reality. So why wait? Step into the future of housing with us and experience the Karmod difference.

Factors Affecting Container House Price

The container house price can vary significantly, influenced by several factors:

  • Design Complexity: Advanced designs, like double wide container homes or luxury container homes, require more resources and thus cost more.
  • Size and Layout: Larger homes with more rooms or unique layouts are generally priced higher than simple, small container houses.
  • Location: The container house Europe price might differ from other regions due to logistical and operational costs.
  • Customizations: Specific alterations or custom designs can affect the final price of your prefab container house.

Container House Fire Proof Technology

Container Home Sizes

Our collection includes various container home sizes to cater to different needs and preferences.

  • We offer small container homes that are perfect for individuals or couples looking for a compact living solution.
  • For larger families or those who require more space, our double wide container homes offer expansive living areas without sacrificing the portability and efficiency of container housing.
  • We also provide flat pack container homes that can be expanded as per the customer's needs, offering the flexibility to grow with your family or requirements.

Container House Sizes Dimensions

Whether you’re attracted to the minimalist charm of modern container homes or the grandeur of our luxury container homes, Karmod offers a variety of options for you to choose from. Regardless of your choice, we assure a blend of quality, affordability, and sustainable living.

Container Home Plans

Container Home Projects

At Karmod, we have been at the forefront of numerous innovative container home projects, proving our expertise in creating stylish, durable, and cost-effective living solutions.

  • Our double wide container homes project exemplifies how container units can be combined to create spacious and comfortable living areas. With two containers joined side by side, these homes provide ample space without losing the benefits of portability and affordability.
  • We have successfully executed various container homes sale projects across the globe. Our customers find immense value in the quality and design of our homes, and our project portfolio serves as testament to our commitment to affordable housing.
  • The beautiful container homes project reflects our commitment to aesthetics. We believe that container homes should not compromise on design and style. Hence, we ensure our homes are as visually appealing as they are functional.
  • In the quest to offer affordable living solutions, our cheap container homes project is noteworthy. Despite being economically priced, these homes are still built to our usual high standards.
  • Our container mobil house project showcases the true potential of mobile living. Designed for easy transportation, these homes are perfect for those who crave an adventurous lifestyle or require regular relocation.
  • The house from container project demonstrates our ability to transform a simple shipping container into a comfortable, livable home. This transformation is only possible due to our detailed container house design process, where every aspect of the home is meticulously planned.
  • Offering container houses for sale, we make owning a home a reality for many. Our houses cater to various budgets, ensuring that everyone can find a home that fits their financial capabilities.
  • We strive to provide the cheapest container homes without sacrificing quality or design. Our affordable pricing doesn’t mean a compromise on the comfort and amenities of the home.
  • Our container living project embodies the philosophy of minimalism and eco-friendly living. These projects highlight our dedication to creating sustainable, environment-friendly housing solutions.
  • For customers seeking luxury, our luxury container homes project offers premium features and designs. Each luxury home is a testament to our craftsmanship and attention to detail.
  • The container home project is an umbrella term for all our work in this domain. Whether it's a compact single unit, a large family home, a luxurious residence, or a mobile house, our container homes always stand out for their quality, design, and value for money.

Container House Portable Transport Possibility

Container House Specification

Every container house, including Karmod's container house Europe models, has unique specifications that cater to various living requirements. These homes are tailored to align with the European standards of living, guaranteeing a comfortable and high-quality lifestyle. The design process focuses on practicality while preserving the appeal of a well-crafted container house design. A core feature of our container homes is their durability, attained by using robust containers that resist diverse environmental conditions. Furthermore, they are available in an array of sizes and forms, ranging from expansive container duplex houses to more compact structures that exemplify container living.

  • Earthquake resistance
  • Compliance with the climatic conditions of the region
  • Production opportunity up to 12 meters in desired sizes
  • EPS filled sandwich panel used on the wall
  • It is evacuated thanks to the special clamp system in the rainwater structure
  • Use of double glazing in windows 4 + 12 + 4 mm thickness
  • Use of 2 mm thick PVC mineflo on 14 mm thick betopan boards in the floor covering

Container Houses Stainles Non-Welded

In addition, ABS floor stone products are used on the floor stone in sanitary installation. The toilet bowl is ceramic. Mirrors, soap dispensers and paper accessories are also included, and TSE certified products are used. Electric and plumbing is a surface-mounted system. PVC moldings are used on the inner edges of the windows. The windows are 890x1135 mm sized, 90 degree opening single leaf.  If you want, you can choose a single-storey or duplex house. Besides simple, cute and useful living spaces, luxury homes are also possible with container homes. It has very economical prices. You can have the most affordable prices for your dream luxury home in a very short time.

Containerized Housing Unit

The containerized living unit is engineered to provide an energy-efficient living space with the durability to withstand harsh environmental conditions. It offers a space to rest and relax when employees are far from home. Modified living containers provide a comfortable industrial housing solution where employees feel safe. These container-based modular housing solutions stand up to extreme conditions and include climate control, fast and convenient plumbing and electrical connections, and living spaces where occupants can relax and sleep.

Second Hand and Used Container Homes Disadvantages

While the idea of purchasing a second-hand container house for sale or cheap container homes might seem enticing due to the lower container house price, there are some potential drawbacks. The initial savings may soon be outweighed by unexpected repair and renovation costs, a factor not usually associated with the price of container homes built from scratch. In contrast, the container house construction cost of a new build is upfront, providing clarity and avoiding sudden, unbudgeted expenses.

Shipping Container Homes Disadvantages

Shipping container homes provide an innovative and affordable approach to modern living. However, there can be potential limitations. The dimensions of these homes, although perfect for transportation, may restrict creative design possibilities. Similarly, the process of converting a shipping container into a liveable space, which includes insulation and interior finishing, can somewhat counteract the environmental benefits of container housing. Therefore, it's critical to weigh all aspects, including these potential drawbacks, before deciding on a shipping container home.

Container Homes Frequently Asked Questions