272 m² Modular School

  • Height 250 cm
  • Width 1014 cm
  • Length 2520 cm
  • Total Square Meter 272 m²
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More Than Temporary Classrooms and School Buildings

Karmod's range of temporary classroom and school buildings offer the perfect solution to increase student capacity, whether you need extra space for a few weeks or a few years. We can provide a fully functional temporary classroom and school buildings in less than a month from delivery.

The flexibility of our modular temporary classroom and school buildings means we can offer a tailor-made solution to meet your needs, regardless of student age or class size. If you need a quick solution, we also offer a range of standard temporary modular classrooms and school buildings available from stock.

Karmod is the leading manufacturer of portable and temporary classrooms and school buildings for modular education providers of all sizes. From small modular classrooms to entire schools, our team of experts can help you meet any temporary or permanent school and classroom needs with existing inventory or foundation construction. From design to implementation, we're here every step of the way to make sure your project is a success. Our modular temporary classroom and school buildings for the education industry create dynamic space solutions that provide safe and clean learning environments for students and staff. Whether you are looking for a single portable classroom unit, multi-class buildings or a brand new modular school building, our team has the knowledge and inventory to deliver exactly what you need, when you need it.

Customizing a temporary classroom and school buildings gives you the opportunity to start fresh. You can apply industry-leading technologies and designs to temporary school facilities that you see implemented around the world. Maybe you want a high-rise school, natural lighting, energy-efficient structures, and more community space for students to learn.

It is also a greener, forward-thinking temporary classroom and school buildings construction process that takes place primarily off-site. This ensures minimal disruption to ongoing school activities, minimal footprint on your campus area, and streamlined the construction process for efficiency and waste material reduction.

Modular Buildings for Temporary Schools and Nursery

Every temporary classroom and school buildings needs a central information center for staff and students. Modular buildings are an excellent choice for modular schools that need temporary or permanent classrooms. If temporary classroom and school buildings are serious about needing an affordable office that is a permanent solution to an outdated office space, consider the modular school building for your next project.

Their stylish designs and customizable layouts allow you to create the best temporary classroom and school building command center. Offices can be large, with multiple modular school spaces for principals, superintendents, counselors, school secretaries, and vice principals.

Whether for private temporary classroom and school buildings, or for colleges and universities, modular residences are a great and cost-effective way to provide students with a clean, high-quality living space. Dormitories can be built to include key entryways, full bathrooms, and any customization they want to provide temporary classroom and school buildings.

The versatility of the modular building industry allows us to have a temporary classroom and school building type equipped with the features you are looking for.

For temporary classrooms and school buildings, this means modern classrooms with the necessary technological and electrical features for computer labs and smart board equipment. It also means being able to provide safety features, desks and sinks suitable for temporary classrooms for a new chemistry lab.

Buy Temporary School Building - Affordable, Flexible and Portable

Karmod has a comprehensive range of bespoke modular temporary school buildings for sale that can meet temporary classroom and school building requirements. Whether you are building a complete modular temporary school and classroom building, or having a single or a series of modular school classrooms built, we can provide you with a suitable solution.

When we think of modular temporary education buildings, we usually think of classrooms. Our prefab school buildings are designed and built off-site using a factory process and setting. It is off-site modular construction methods that enable modular temporary schools and classrooms to set up cost-effective and timetable-friendly. While we build your temporary classroom or school building modules, your campus can avoid long-term, messy and destructive construction sites. After completing your modular temporary classrooms, we can easily send them anywhere in the country and abroad. Once on your campus we will quickly install, stack and weld them. We can then finish them to fit your other temporary school facilities, provide disabled-accessible ramps and entryways, and leave you with a turnkey modular temporary classroom and school buildings.

It allows them to expand their indoor teaching space without having to invest in temporary classroom and school buildings or permanent buildings. And because modular buildings are so good these days, many schools eventually keep these temporary school structures effectively permanently as part of the school layout because they offer so many advantages over going with a traditional building project.

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