Leading container ablution block manufacturer

Portable container ablution blocks often do not even come close to meeting the needs of a building or construction site, so Karmod company, the leading company of Turkey and the World, not only provides various toilet ablution blocks, but also ablution blocks to facilitate all spaces, large and small. has.

We design and manufacture quality container ablution blocks for large construction companies, businesses, schools, events and more. Karmod ablution blocks are available in styles ranging from toilet-only modules to portable shower/toilet and laundry/office/toilet combinations.


Constructed with the same high quality materials as our standard containers and portable buildings, the Karmod container Ablution Block is a foundation for busy sites that require activity. Each unit complies with all World standards and the National Construction Code 2010. Non-standard facilities can be designed on request portable container ablution blocks.

Portable ablution blocks, shower blocks, handicapped and large male/female combination blocks are available. Each ablution block is plumbed and can be connected to sewer services. We also manufacture custom shower blocks and container ablution blocks to suit all job site requirements.

Ablution Blocks for Building and Construction

Portable container ablution blocks are great, All staff need toiletries and building a Portable container ablution blocks can be a lot cheaper than you think. We design and build our portable container ablution blocks to make them feel comfortable and spacious, just like home. Cleverly designed layouts with wells placed handwash stations and urinals. Portable container ablution blocks come in a variety of sizes and can be equipped with changing rooms, closets, fans, urinals, toilets, mirrors, air conditioning, disabled toilet, vents, lighting and more. Suitable for Portable container ablution blocks in construction, oil gas and Mine field, music festivals and farms.

If you are an event manager looking for great possibilities, Portable container ablution blocks to move around with your Crew or a container ablution block at a mining site that needs a job site and can do with something strong and portable should be considered. Container toilet compartments can even be designed with easy pumping outlets when full, and containment chambers below the floor. can also design and build remote area container toilet blocks. Low voltage supply pumps whose water tanks are powered by a solar panel can be added to a great layout. Now you can shower and use the toilet while water and electricity are miles away.

Best and Top quality ablution blocks

Karmod's portable container ablution block can be designed and built in various sizes. From a small 10-foot container that fits two toilets or one toilet and shower. Need something a little bigger? What about a 13- or 21 m2 container ablution unit, several toilets, and a disabled toilet at one end, or perhaps all toilets, male and female. Or a 32 m2 container with male/female toilets and showers. Portable container ablution block, our features include robust galvanized steel structural components, standard single doors, personnel entrance door and are affordable.