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Considering that low cost housing units are not that affordable in Uganda, the home and housing problem is still far from over. Karmod Prefabricated house company needs to develop affordable house projects what is low cost, It needs to develop and support affordable home projects.

The government had two affordable housing projects available to the public and investors in different parts of some of Uganda's cities. The government's National Housing and Construction Corporation was the first to announce 130 residential units north of Kampala. Two bedroom apartments. Then at the end of last week, Uganda! 13 residences were inaugurated along Drive Lake in Luzira, near Lake Victoria. Three bedroom apartments By definition, these residences and homes are not placed in the low-cost housing category because of their average monthly cost to the buyer.

Affordable house project for Ugandan government people

Uganda's Ministry of Land, Housing and Urban Development said that a low-cost prefab house will make quality prefab houses at certain rates, about $180 to $300 per square foot on average cost. However, he estimates that on a monthly basis, at least 35 percent of a Ugandan person's income must be met to buy a home. “What we do is promote low-cost housing that takes 35 percent of your monthly income,” says Uganda Kampala low-cost rates. According to the Ugandan government's Vision 2040, the government expects to "ensure everyone access to adequate, safe and affordable prefabricated homes and low-cost social housing and basic services, and to improve slums" by 2030. In the same document, the government acknowledges the task at hand.

Ugandan people's low-cost home purchasing power

Ugandan People like it when we invite them to look at affordable prefab homes. However, they don't complain about the cost of the houses when they see the low-cost house they can buy. When asked why Karmod Company is not buying low-cost housing for the rising middle class in Uganda, the director of the Karmod company explained that the challenge for real estate developers is that actual purchase is limited even by demand.

However, low-cost housing differs from affordability. “Low cost homes mean that a particular product costs less than others on the market, while 'affordable homes' refers to a person's capacity to pay for what is offered,” says Karmod Uganda regional directors. It would be more prudent for the government, perhaps through the Ministry of Lands, to act as a 'protector' for the definition of Low-cost home and housing in Uganda, and thus formulate policies that encourage the development of this segment.” However, projections from the government should be that the housing accumulation will continue for a while.

Quick Secure Installation, Low Cost

As Karmod, we are proud to offer you healthy, affordable, durable, customer-oriented design and quality structures with our experience of more than 30 years. Prefabricated houses, which we have installed quickly in a short time owing to their modular structure, can also be reached with low costs.

With its attractive advantages, this Karmod prefabricated house offers you not only a home, but also a healthy life under favour of its environmentally friendly structure. You can use this house, which offers quick installation and low cost, for many years by means of its solid structure. Step into a healthy life in touch with nature with your loved ones and family with this 75 m2 prefabricated house.

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