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Affordable Housing Africa

Karmod Affordable Housing is currently present is 36 African countries and we are expanding our operations to bring you more innovative tailor-made local building solutions. As Africa’s urban transformation continues, Karmod Affordable Housing has a key role to play in providing solutions for quality and decent Affordable housing for all. Urban growth in Africa supports the birth and extension of precarious housing and informal settlements. Most households cannot access formal Affordable housing because it is beyond the financial means of the average household. Consequently, less than ten per cent of the population in many African cities can afford to live in formal housing. This results in unsustainable living conditions. Our brands support the development of African cities by offering solutions adapted to the needs of the local markets. We provide innovative materials for prefab modular Affordable housing Africa, hotels, schools, offices, hospitals, industrial areas, and even airports, bringing you comfortable spaces wherever you are. Through our experience with numerous projects throughout Africa we are able to provide technical support to help you achieve the best results for your buildings and meet your project needs.

Karmod Prefab Expands Affordable Housing Solutions in Africa

Methods of having a house in an economic way are very few. Traditional buildings have many disadvantages such as expensive prices, long construction times, high waste of raw materials, plan and practice mismatch etc. In addition to these, they are not so much environmentally friendly. Because of these reasons, different construction methods have been developed. Modular structure production methods are one of these new construction methods. Karmod designes and produces modular buildings for all sector and tens of companies all over the world. Affordable prefab mass housing africa is one of Karmod’s projects it runs Africa continent.

The Solution to the Housing Crisis in Africa will be overcome with Prefabricated urban housing

Social housing construction methods have been used for Affordable Housing in Africa. and prefabricated mass housing, Social housing projects are the plans designed after wars, natural disasters and etc. In similar cases like those, buildings that have fast production and fast installation features and economic prices are required. Because of these reasons, modular buildings are the best option for affordable social housing projects.

Housing deficit in africa, Building homes in africa

Karmod is a company that is established at Turkey in 1986. Its field of activity is modular buildings. It carries out various projects. Social housing projects, Affordable mass housing projects, workers’ camp projects for gold mining or construction companies can be counted among the projects of Karmod. Also Karmod produces buildings for individual or commercial building needs. Prefab houses, prefabricated steel houses, container houses, modular cabins, security cabins, wc and shower cabins, modular schools, different portable buildings, modular health buildings… You can contact Karmod for every building need from namibia social public housing to all housing projects.

New home projects for affordable housing in Africa

Africa continent is the second largest continent of the world in terms of population and survey. The continent has so many different developing countries. In these countries, Affordable Housing Africa is needed for different reasons. Especially in rural areas, the buildings that have fast production and portability features can be very useful. For affordable mass housing africa, modular building products that have fast production and fast installation features and economic prices are being preferred. Karmod is one of the fastest companies you can choose all over the world. In only weeks, we completed tens of projects where hundreds of people can stay. In addition to accommodation buildings, we produced and installed work offices, rest rooms, portable wc and showers, dining halls, sales offices, ticket offices, security cabins…

Ready-made houses built in three days will solve Africa’s housing deficit

In Affordable Mass Housing Africaprojects, we can use container or prefabricated buildings according to your demand or the needs of your project. We have a building for every sector and every building need. We transport your building in international shipping standards, we use certified and high grade material in our modern production facilites. We work with architects and engineers that are expert in their fields.

If you look for a company producing modular buildings at economic prices and high quality, Karmod is your address. Contact our teams now and describe your project, leave the rest to Karmod expert teams. Experience is a very essential criterion for a company regardless of sector. Karmod can help you in a best way with its more than 35 years experience in Affordable Housing Africa

Good affordable housing will be built for Africa’s poor

Prefabricated steel home is like a savior for those want to have a summer house at economic prices. Or for those have social housing or mass housing project. Because of the reinforced concrete disadvantages, they cannot be used in many areas. Affordable Housing Africa and Prefab houses are preferred as an alternative to traditional buildings. Prefabricated houses prices are much lower, their quaility can be higher. If you choose reinforced concrete for your house, you can wait months to finish its construction. But if you prefer prefab buildings, you can have a house in only weeks.

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