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Affordable housing in Ghana

With a housing shortage in Ghana and other developing regions, there has been a large demand for our prefab homes. Feel (?) prefab houses are a perfect solution to the housing crisis as they provide an affordable, durable and quick solution. Prefab Houses Is the Only Company Providing Real Affordable Housing in Ghana. Make A Purchase Now!

List Of Affordable Housing In Ghana With Their Prices

Every family across the world wants a place to call home. We have tailored our floor plans to meet each dream home design – from every part of the world and every budget, our prefab homes are the solution.

Throughout urban areas many Ghanaians live in informal, substandard housing that is overcrowded and lacks basic infrastructure, such as water, electricity and waste management. In addition, the housing deficit has contributed to rising home prices for purchase and rent, resulting in further overcrowding.

Karmod is currently invested in a project in Accra, the capital of the northern region. This affordable housing Ghana development is being delivered by private developers, Karmod Group. When complete, this will provide 1.000 homes for cooperative members living on low incomes.

Sustainable Solutions for Mass-Housing Design in Ghana

Karmod Prefab – Modular Home Construction for Affordable Housing Ghana: For warm climates such as Ghana, we recommend using two main prefabricated construction methods. Steel Prefabricated Homes or Modular Prefab Homes of Cement. These affordable prefabricated methods provide quality and durable prefab homes.

A house consists of many components and the” assembly process” needs to be project managed in its entirety. That means windows, doors, roof, bath, toilet, paint, ceiling, glass, electrical hardware, etc. etc. needs to be planned ordered and supplied in order to avoid a “bottle neck” that would stop production creating “waste” resulting in an increase in cost. This in turn makes the product, the home, unaffordable to the majority of people.

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