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“We offer 230×600 and, 300×700, Army Container Camps, Military Housing Camps and Army Command Camps”
These manufactured army containers are for camp accommodation projects. A vast amount of experience has been built over the years due to the amount of projects that we have undertaken. We have the ability to built living container accommodations, such as sleeping units, offices, support units, fully equipped kitchen units, water treatment portable units, generator army container units, freezer units and many more.

There are army container solutions for different customers. So far, the Turkish, US Army, Spanish army and Afghan are using our containers for military applications.
Army Canteen, Army Kitchen, Army Laundry, Army Office, Army Toilet, Army Container Projects, Army Command Camps, Military Housing Shelters.
The majority of our containers for military applications have the I230x600 standard container
dimensions (width: 2,30 mm; length: 6,00 mm, height: 2,60mm) and can be transported by ship,

Army Containers & Storage – Fast and Affordable Solutions

Providing the best quality and most suitable solution for every building need, Karmod army containers offers you solutions in every field you want, from military to health. It is one of the leaders of the industry with its products in different structures that can be customized for dozens of different areas, from field hospitals to command posts, from technical containers to container houses. It has a business principle in international standards from product design to construction quality and transportation. Dozens of companies operating in different sectors from all over the world prefer Karmod army containers products for their camp units. One of these products is army camp containers.

Army camps are areas that are critical, where a small mistake can cause enormous loss of life and property. For this reason, a meticulous work should be carried out while designing, manufacturing and installing army containers and military housing camps. This is a job that requires experience and expertise. With its experienced and expert teams and 36 years of experience, Karmod offers the best solution from the simplest projects to the most critical projects.

Karmod Army Container is the Safest and Highest Quality

The indispensable feature for army container camps is security. As Karmod, one of the first issues we care about in our products is the safety of our products. We try to design and produce safe buildings that can be used in all seasons, in all conditions, compatible with the environment and human health. One of our fields of activity is army camp containers. We use a new generation technology in our containers. Our special containers, which we specially designed and produced with our R&D teams, have many different privileges and advantages.

Our products, manufactured with new generation container technology, have a thickness of 5 cm wall and 11 cm roof panel. With its electrostatic painted galvanized system, it preserves its first day appearance for very long periods. It is not affected by bad weather conditions. They provide indispensable conditions for an army by providing high heat and sound insulation with very suitable panel thickness. Karmod army container, which is far superior to its counterparts from durability to isolation, is produced with an unwelded system. Our screwed products can be installed anywhere in the world in just 4 steps. Karmod containers with hidden subcarriers have superior durability. PVC is used in doors and windows. We offer high quality containers, Karmod equip many army with many shelters, containers and mobile units.

They can be single-storey or can be designed and produced as multi-storey and combined. As one of the leading companies in its field, we specially design for each of your projects. Considering the differences in the needs and conditions of each sector and each project, we design and produce the structures that are most suitable for both your budget and the work you will do.

World’s #1 Army Containers – Variety of Styles and Sizes – Eco-Friendly

Along with our army containers , our armored cabins are one of our most preferred products for military camps, checkpoints and guard points. All our armored cabins are structures designed and manufactured for extraordinary and high security situations such as war or terror. At the same time, together with their high security, a comfortable area is provided for the officer who will work in it, and it has an ergonomic structure. They can be safely chosen for your checkpoints, police, gendarmerie, police station, engagement area, border region or other military areas. Karmod armored cabins have the B7 armor standard.

To learn more about army containers, visit Karmod’s website, which manufactures structures in every area from daily living spaces to military camps. Make the best choice for your project.

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