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Building homes in Africa

Benefits of our modular buildings for Africa. FAST. Up to 80% of delivery and installation time reduction compared to traditional construction, leading to costs reduction too. Minimizing building cost and time. Our Modular Prefab Technology is tailored for building apartments, hotels, offices, retail shops, classrooms, hospitals nurseries in Africa.

Karmod is a prefabricated technology company that serves all over the world with its experience of more than a quarter of a century, adding value to the sector with its production and bringing quality wherever it goes. Its products include prefabricated houses, container structures, modular cabins. These structures can be used for different purposes in every field from education to hospital, from security to trade. One of the regions where Karmod has carried out major projects is Africa. It has delivered its buildings to Africa for many different sectors such as school building in africa, africa construction projects, and carried out the installations at the delivery site. Karmod is one of the most preferred companies in south africa.

Africa Modular Prefab Buildings, Hotels, Offices

The African continent is located in the south of Europe, west of the Indian Ocean, south of Europe and north of Antarctica. It has many different climatic structures. From steppes to rainforests, the region can show very different climatic characteristics. It is one of the largest continents in terms of area and population. Buildings Africa needs also vary by region for this reason. Karmod produces buildings tailored to the needs of each region.

Modular production systems are systems that provide production in a factory environment. Since many calculations are made in computer environment, the negativities caused by the construction site environment are prevented to a great extent. The calculations made on the computer can be controlled at every stage of the production stages, and the error rate in the buildings can be minimized. With this system, it is possible to build buildings in accordance with the climatic conditions of each region.

Modular Buildings Africa

Due to the fact that Africa is home to very different climates, the structural features of the buildings needed can also differ. Building types that respond to these needs in the shortest time in the best way are the buildings produced with modular systems. Thanks to the ease of transportation and installation, structures produced anywhere in the world can be transported by sea, land or air and can be built in a short time.

Karmod, which carries out activities in more than 120 countries, has carried out dozens of projects in Africa. Each of our products can be customized to suit customers’ requirements.

These projects are:

The best Prefab homes Africa

Building a house in south africa requires professionalism. Building buildings that are resistant to climatic conditions for many years and meet the other needs of the region in the most economical way requires both experience and expertise. Karmod is a company that has proven its quality internationally in its experience and expertise.

Building container homes in Africa

Containers are structures that can be used for many different purposes, from house structures to working structures. In just a few days, your dream cottage can be built with the container system. At the same time, containers are one of the most preferred structures in construction site worker camps. We can produce any size and number of structures from WC-shower units to working offices in a very short time and deliver them wherever you want.

Construction Site Structures (Including everything that should be in a worker camp from a dining hall to a dormitory)

Prefabricated Buildings Africa – Manufactured and Constructed

Karmod is one of the most preferred companies among africa construction companies for accommodation units of construction areas in remote areas. Tens of camps that can be used for both temporary and longer periods have been completed with the construction of workers’ camps. Our construction site structures include: accommodation requirements (Management, Senior and junior staff), toilets or showers only, common ablution facilities (common toilets, sinks, kitchen units, laundry units, recreation units, gyms, site offices, management in a single modular unit. buildings and dining halls.

Custom Modular School Buildings for Education Africa

Rural regions, regions with low income levels, underdeveloped regions, regions that are difficult to reach are among the regions with the least education buildings. Karmod can transport their structures to everywhere, regardless of the region. With its quality, innovative, human and environmentally friendly structures, it produces and installs the schools where we raise our future in the best way.

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