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Log Cabin is a product that generally has a modular structure and can be used in different areas for multiple purposes. For years, it has been used in parking lots, complex entrances and other areas that require security for guard personnel or for different business areas. Since they can be used in many different sectors for multipurpose purposes, they have different sizing options. Thanks to the log cabins produced using the latest technology systems, cabins with high heat and sound insulation can be produced. The materials used in their structures may vary according to the type of cabin. From sandwich panels to precast cabin for sale, Karmod offers different cabin options for many different living and business areas. Features that should be in a cabin:

Multi-Purpose Portable Office Cabins

  • Can be used in all seasons
  • Easy to clean and washable
  • Using materials that do not cause odor
  • Resistant to fire and earthquakes
  • Having an ergonomic log cabin structure
  • Easy to install and transport

When a promotional office is needed for a short time, multipurpose portable office cabins are very convenient for the distribution of brochures in various organizations, in sales kiosks that are desired to be used temporarily or permanently, and in various work offices that are used temporarily or permanently. Since modularcabins are produced in very short periods of time, you can easily reach and buy for your urgent needs. One of the reasons why it is preferred is that its prices are much more economical than traditional construction. You can see that Karmod portable office cabin is used for many different purposes all over the world. For example, Karmod was preferred in the stores of the Manchester United team, one of the world’s famous football teams. However, it is not surprising to find a Karmod product in every corner of the world.

Manufactured Security Cabins For Sale

The need for security is in all areas of life. Modular Cabins are the most preferred structures for this purpose. Security cabins can be used in car parks, complex entrances, city centers, even at various police and police checkpoints, construction sites and wherever security is required. As Karmod, we produce log cabin products that can be used in every area from security guard cabins that can be used in a normal complex entrance to military points that require high security. Our portable security cabins can be produced in different sizes and customized sizes from 150×150 to 270×750. Different accessories can be used in our ready-to-use log cabins. Glass shutter with dashpot and modular cabin window shade are some of them. We deliver our log cabins with a fuse box and plug.

Prefer the World Leader, Have Both Convenient and Comfortable Areas

Karmod is a world brand with log cabin exports to nearly 130 countries. From leading construction companies to famous football teams, Karmod prefab cabin products are also the choice of the best in the world. All the features that a cabin should have are available in our portable cabins. They can be used in all seasons with their high heat and insulation properties. They do not corrode easily with their leak-proof features. They are products protected against fire with the privilege of using non-flammable materials and materials with low risk of burning. They are suitable for earthquake zones. We also use automotive technology in our products. In this way, we produce products that do not smell and have long-term maintenance-free paint. They are easy to clean and can be washed. In addition to these, we use certified products with approved quality in our production.

We respond to your needs as soon as possible with our high-capacity production systems and our stocks that are always at your service. After delivery, when you want to change the location of the product, you can easily move it to another location with its portable and light features. Be it construction sites, sales cabins, guard cabins, gatehouses or other different purposes. We produce the product that best suits your needs and budget and deliver it wherever you want!

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