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Prefabricated Houses in Cameroon

Custom prefabricated modular luxury construction, modular steel building luxury homes. Custom premium quality factory built steel building luxury homes, Modular luxury buildings. As one of the leading prefab houses buildings provider in the industry, Karmod Prefabricated House in Cameroon Technologies offers the highest quality and most practical portable accommodation services available in the market. Especially in the production of our wide variety of modular buildings, we attach great importance to innovation and modernity. So it is important to find solutions for fast and efficient construction. This process is fast, easy to use and very economical: it means that you can build a house in a day!

Building houses fast and efficiently in Cameroon

From Prefabricated House in Cameroon and low-cost housing Cameroon services to commercial container buildings and cabins, all of our services are designed to be portable, more practical, affordable, configurable and durable compared to permanent buildings. Meaning, they are designed to occupy the most extreme zones because of their durability and meant to withstand natural or man-made disasters, to be completely portable with easy installation and deinstallation feature and completely customizable interior, exterior, roof, etc. while still being considerably cost-efficient when compared with other modular buildings in the market.

Robust, Modern and Easy to Install Cameroon low cost prefab houses

As Karmod Prefabricated House in Cameroon Technologies, we value all communities, traditions, religions and ideas. When doing an on-field work, we take the necessary precautions to not cause any kind of disturbance around us even if our workspace is in a remote area. We believe that one of the main reasons of our success is maintaining the mutual respect we have with our clients throughout the years and the constant search for new technologies and modernization with our expert research and development team. As Karmod Prefabricated Technologies, we also promote innovation across our workspace and work as a family to improve our ways of service to a greater extent. Coming up with new designs and improvements as technology progresses, our wide catalogue of modular buildings have come a long way as well.

Slum Upgrading and Prefab Social Housing Alternatives for the Poor

There has been a longstanding housing crisis, particularly in Africa and Cameroon. States have initiated social housing projects in various cities of the countries and this project is planning to meet the housing needs of the people. However, it is generally known that construction projects transform the environment and cause serious environmental pollution.

Traditional construction activity, regardless of the project, results in heavy use of natural renewable or non-renewable raw materials. In big cities, noise pollution is added to these damages and city residents are disturbed by these projects.

Low Income Housing and Affordable Apartment in Cameroon

For all these reasons, it is imperative to integrate the issue of environmental protection into the management of projects of a size that we can call mass housing. Because the priority in social housing is to meet the housing demand of the people and while doing this, it keeps the cost low. Since the need for housing is a basic need, this demand must be met quickly. Therefore, it is important to adapt to new technologies to make buildings both more efficient and more ecological. Smarter, faster, more profitable building methods are available to respond to modern needs.

Prefab House Construction Is the Modern Solution in Cameroon

Modular building technology has started to be used for affordable public housing due to its low cost after worker camps. Since prefabricated houses cameroon are produced in the factory environment and outside the field, they allow production in the desired design. Building tens or hundreds of buildings in traditional style is quite difficult. It requires a lot of workforce and a well-qualified infrastructure at the same time.

However, modular buildings can be produced in large numbers quickly. It is easy to build in the field and does not take long. You can deliver the houses at any time to the people who request housing. Governments are following a steady policy on affordable social housing. Social housing in Cameroon and low cost container house camp emerged as a modern solution.

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