Modular buildings for construction sites, Man camps, and Modular offices

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Remote infrastructure camps construction – whether pipelines, LNG plants, nuclear plants, chemical plants, bridges or other camps construction projects in remote locales – often require temporary camp housing for hundreds if not thousands of skilled and semi-skilled laborers. These remote camps are frequently described as “man camps” given that they provide temporary housing for construction workers in remote or harsh climates.

Karmod offers a range of temporary workforce housing solutions – from dormitory camps to modular camps to scalable camps construction comprised of individual trailer or skid houses. We can support temporary housing needs for thousands of workers with all the amenities required for a remote site – including galley, dining, recreation, laundry and other services – and all the auxiliary utility services needed for remote living and working – water, waste water removal, communications, DirectTV, power and lighting.

Modular buildings for construction sites, camps, and offices

We can mobilize, install, manage and demobilize your temporary camps construction complex. Karmod can also support with permitting, site planning, site construction and catering services. We offer single occupancy solutions and double or greater occupancy, depending on your project requirements. Our solutions also offer choices in shared dining hall or more private dining in individual skid or trailer houses.

Developing further in the prefabricated modular buildings industry since 1986, Karmod Camps Construction Company merges innovation with practicality and offer the latest high-quality portable accommodation services available in the market. From modular office buildings and camp accommodation modular camp containers to Camps Construction and prefab hospitals, our wide variety of modular camp accommodation units are made to fulfill their purpose successfully but designed to provide much more. Thanks to our collective experience, we know how frustrating it can be to manage any scale of operation or project. That is why we take it as a duty to provide you the highest quality camp accommodation units.

Modular buildings for camps construction sites

Even if you’re doing fly-in, fly-outs, for your personnel, an on site modular camp building can be compulsory as it increases productivity and provide cost-efficiency for long-term working. They are designed to be portable camp construction, practical, extra durable, configurable, and affordable. Meaning, they are able to withstand any kind of harsh environment where they occupy, they can be moved from one place to another with ease without the need of deinstallation and last but not least, they can have their entire exterior or interior customized on demand while still being exceptionally affordable compared to other Camps Construction Company available and permanent buildings.

As Karmod Camps Construction Company, we provide full support for our products during their lifetime. We believe that one of the main factors of our success is our constant research for new technologies and implementing them in our wide array of products as well as our way of service and the mutual respect that we have successfully maintained between our clients while having their constant support by our side.

Realize Your Project Efficiently with Karmod Construction Camps

If you work in remote locations, you need comfortable and functional residences for camp accommodation. It is not possible for workers to go home every day. Residences should be built for accommodation in settlements close to the construction site or inside the camps construction site. Of course, the solutions to be produced for this situation differ according to the projects and industries. Mines are generally far from residential areas. Since the mine is in that area, permanent residences can be built near it or camp accommodation facilities can be provided in nearby settlements. A similar situation applies to oil refineries.

Modular buildings for camps construction and staff housing

However, projects in the camps construction industry are usually temporary, even if they are long term. For this reason, it is necessary to abandon the residences to be built on the camps construction site after the project is completed. Building traditional style dwellings is disadvantageous in many ways. Camps Construction times are long and require a lot of manpower. In large-scale projects, quite a lot of houses are needed for workers to accommodate. The camps construction of these residences takes a long time due to the large number of them. These negativities also increase the costs.

Affordable, Cost-Efficient and High-Quality Prefab Camps

Modular workforce camp housing solutions is the ideal solution for construction projects in remote areas. It can be produced in any style and can be installed on site. It can be used in temporary projects as well as in permanent projects. Workforce housing and camps accommodations is produced in a factory environment, which prevents you from encountering negative surprises. Each project has its own characteristics and modular buildings adapt to any environment thanks to its flexible structure. After the project is finished, you can move it to the location you want and change its content as needed. Camps Construction and workers camp has all the features your team needs. It offers a comfortable accommodation experience and thus increases your workforce productivity. Work camp construction offers an ideal solution for remote work areas.

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