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Caravan for sale

We take pride in offering prefab and caravans for sale that are highly appreciated with their convenient size, high constructional strength and brilliant designs. These prefab and caravan for sale can be used in different colors, sizes and designs upon on the requirement of the clients. We make sure that our prefab caravan offices are checked by our quality controllers to ensure they are error free. As Karmod, we have been in the prefab and caravans sector for more than 36 years. Our past work includes modular classroom settings, sports and recreation facilities, medical facilities, retail shops, sales offices, in-plant offices, health clinics and research institutions. We use the best quality materials, the best prefabricating techniques, state-of-the-art production systems and the best install and finish disciplines, because we care your health, budget and living standards.

Portable Caravans Eps Sandwich Panels

If you have dreams of expanding your business and business areas for the future, let us know. Your planning for expansion can improve efficiency and minimize costs of the future addition. We have 5 professionally staffed sales offices and showrooms in the Turkey. We have an exclusive diverse range of products that offer you the opportunity to do work with one trustworthy company for all of your business space needs. For the most suitable caravan for sale in abu dhabi, caravan for sale inbeirut lebanon, caravan for sale in dubai, caravan for sale in egypt you should look at our product range.

We manufacture your prefabcaravans in a quality factory environment and then we deliver and assemble on your site. Karmod is your absolute turn-key solutions provider for caravan for sale in kuwait, caravan for sale in pakistan, caravan for sale in uae, caravan for sale in usa and for all over the world. As design stage, the project coordination, delivery, and installation, we carry out every step of your order meticulously. If you ever want to reposition your prefab, caravans or container offices, relocation can be made in the design. In case of necessity, your modular buildings can be transported and relocated with crane and by road, sea or air.

Some of our products:

  • All kinds of accommodation container offices and portable cabin, Portable cabins, Prefab caravan for sale, with different sizes
  • Separate wc, shower and kitchen caravan for sale
  • Labor camps
  • Prefabricated villas
  • Security caravans

With the development of technology, modular structures started to take place in all areas of life. We can find Modular container offices, prefab caravans, steel-built houses in different living spaces everywhere. Karmod caravan technologies have been contributing to leading companies from all over the world since 1986, making thousands of customers home owners and offering the best quality, most economical and most suitable solution to its customers in every field from construction to health. Until now, Karmod has been the choice of companies in more than 90 countries, thousands of people who want to own houses and use modular structures in different living spaces.

As Karmod, you can choose the most suitable solution for you among the dozens of prefab caravans for sale design plans we have prepared for you by our expert teams with our experience of more than 36 years. The buildings that you can choose in the number and size you want are started to be produced in the factory environment from the moment you order. Completed containers, together with metal carcass structures, doors and windows, materials to be used in electrical and sanitary installations and all other necessary parts, are delivered to the area of ​​use you request by sea, road or air.

You can contact us to get more information and price about Karmod prefab and caravan for sale, which is preferred by thousands of people from all over the world.


Caravan Prefab Company In UAE, is professional supplier of Prefabricated Portable Cabins, such as villas Caravan Prefab, mosques Caravan Prefab, Caravan Prefab site offices, Caravan Prefab security cabins, standard Caravan Prefab cabins, double storey caravans for sale Prefab cabins, multi-storied Caravan Prefab cabins, Caravan ablution units, Prefab hall units, Caravan Fire Rated Cabins, Mobile Caravan and Portable abins accommodation. We supply products all over UAE and other countries like Iraq, Qatar, Oman, etc. We can provide any product range units for client designs and specifications or we can customize according to clients interests and requirements. Caravan Prefab Company In UAE and Dubai, Portable cabin Labor Accommodation, Portable cabin Staff Accommodation, Caravan for sale Prefab Labour Camps, Prefab Caravan for sale Staff Camps, Fire Rated Caravan Prefab Units, Fire Rated Prefab Units, Fire Rated Caravans Units, Caravan Prefab Company In Al Ain, Caravan Perfab Camps, Temporary Staff Caravan Prefab, Temporary Caravan Prefab Labour Camps, Caravan for sale Prefab Company In Abu Dhabi, Portable cabin Prefab, Accommodation Caravan Prefab, Caravan Prefab Houses, Caravan Prefab Labor Accommodation, Caravan for sale Prefab Staff Accommodation, Carvan Labor Accommodation, Prefab Labor Accommodation, We can meet All requirements readily supply Standard Portable cabins, Caravan for sale Trailers, Fire-Rated Cabins, PU insulated Sandwich Panel cabins, Converted Containers, Flatpack Units, & custom modular structures..

Caravan Prefab multi-storey site accommodation.

Caravan for sale and Prefab Company In UAE is best and cheapest choice for Labor Accommodation and all offices can be fabricated as per your requirement which is approved by Civil Defense of Abu Dhabi. Prefab hire, caravan hire, Prefab for Sale, fire rated prefab, Portable Toilets, Portable Mosque, Caravan for Sale,UAE caravan bus, UAE auto caravan, UAE motor caravan, China caravan trailer, Fire rated Caravan, Prefab Caravan for sale hire, caravan Prefab hire, caravan accessories, cheap motor caravan, cheap fendt caravan, cheap caravan fendt, Prefabricated Mosque, Prefabricated Office, Prefabricated Cabin, Steel Structures Cabin, Sandwich Panel Cabin, Modified Container, cheap scrap caravans, cheap motor Caravan for sale, cheap caravan fendt, cheap fendt caravan, Prefab Manufacturers, China camping caravan, China caravans for sale, caravan door Promotion, Caravan for sale trailer Promotion, motor caravan Promotion, auto caravan Promotion, caravan tent Promotion, wholesale car Caravan for sale, wholesale steel caravan, wholesale caravan trailers, wholesale plastic caravan, cheap luxury bus caravan, caravan door Suppliers, Caravan Manufacturers, caravan trailer Suppliers, cheap fendt 650 caravan, cheap fendt 700 caravan, nissan caravan Suppliers, motor caravan Suppliers, Caravan for sale Prefan for Sale, prefab Caravan for sale, Prefab for Sale and Rent, Caravan for sale and Rent, Prefab caravan accessories, caravan Prefab accessories, mobile caravan Suppliers, caravan 10 Manufacturers, caravan car Manufacturers, new caravan Manufacturers, small caravan Manufacturers, caravans new Manufacturers, best caravans Manufacturers, wholesale Caravan for sale, wholesale aluminum caravan, caravan accessories Promotion, Caravan Prefab Manufacturers, Caravan for sale accessories Suppliers, Prefabricate Building Supplier, Prefab Manufacturers In UAE, Caravan Manufacturers in UAE, Prefab Caravan for Sale and Rent, Caravan Prefab Manufacturers In UAE, Prefab Manufacturers Company In UAE, Caravan Manufacturers Company In UAE, Caravan for sale Prefab Manufacturers Company In UAE

Portable cabin And Caravan Fabrication Sales

Please contact us for additional information and we will respond immediately:

Caravan for sale and Staff Accommodation
We are leaders in refurbished portable cabins with quality service. Caravan Staff Accommodation, Portable cabin Prefab Staff Accommodation, Partacabin Caravan Staff Accommodation, Prefab Staff Accommodation, Caravan for sale Prefab Staff Accommodation

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Best Quality Portable Cabin Caravans Prefab Houses

All kinds of accommodation Portable Cabin with different sizes, portable toilet and kitchen Caravan for sale, Site offices, construction companies, Labor accommodation Etc. Manufacture In UAE. We are best leading company to Manufacture and supply of Caravan Prefab Portable cabins in all over UAE.

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