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Karmod Company for Caravans and Prefab Houses, We take this opportunity to introduce ourselves and enlighten you with Karmod and its high-quality standards Established 36 years ago in Turkey and very well known by GCC countries for its experience and success. Most recently, Unifab has established itself in the GCC region supplying different steel structures buildings.

Custom Caravan: Motorhomes for Modular Modern Living Caravans

As a family, Karmod caravans for sale Technologies helped realizing countless projects and made many people homeowners with state-of-the-art prefabricated caravan building designs globally. For more than 36 years, we have been searching for modern technologies to implement in our services with our expert research and development teams and by doing so, we have become one of the best caravans for sale providers in the world.

We are one of the leading and specialized manufacturers of prefab steel structures with distinct advantages for both the stable and mobile on wheels (towable) that suit and accommodate all the requirements of the clients in any kind such as


Construction of Caravans for Community

From mobile guard shacks and ticket booths to caravans for saleand portable office buildings, our new innovative portable accommodation services are made to provide you with what you need but designed to do more. They are portable, practical, affordable, configurable and durable prefab buildings.

Meaning, they can be transferred from one place to another with or without the need for deinstallation, they can be completely customized, they can withstand most harsh environments or any kind of disasters and have their durability increased further to occupy the most dangerous zones while still maintaining a stable and affordable price tag for everyone to use. As Karmod caravans for sale Technologies, we know how hard it can be to start a new project or an operation.

Best Quality Portable Cabin and Caravans

That is why we empathize with our customers and design our products for their specific needs. Combining that with our collective experience throughout the years, we have come up with flawless designs as fruits from our innovative designs team. As Karmod caravans for sale, we also consider all humane and professional measures.

Meaning, we take all the necessary precautions before starting our operations to avoid all kinds of disturbance we may cause around us as we respect all religions, communities, ideas and traditions. We believe that two of the core reasons of our success is the mutual respect we have maintained with our customers throughout the years and the constant struggle to keeping up with modern technologies while implementing them in our services.

Portable Cabin Manufacturer and Caravan Turkey

A mobile Prefab Caravans (also known as a caravans for sale or simply caravan) is a prefabricated building technology manufactured in the factory and built on a permanently attached unit before moving. It can be produced in the factory environment and moved to the desired location. The equivalent of the term mobile caravans, of course, stems from the fact that the houses are portable. However, being portable does not mean that Prefabricated Caravan are temporary.

The reason for the emphasis on its portable feature is that traditional caravans for sale are not portable. Also, in a traditional construction style, a location is determined and built there. In other words, the location of the construction site as well as the built house is very effective. Prefab Caravan Buildings can be moved from the factory to the location where it will be assembled, as well as from the installed location to another location. When these houses are used for permanent purposes, vacation or temporary housing, they are usually left in one location, permanently or semi-permanently.

Caravan Prefab Company

However, sometimes they may need to be moved to another location due to legal obligations. Legal requirements are less inclusive than traditional homes. In other words, caravans for sale, which are a modern solution as well as flexible in structure, are also flexible in terms of usability.

People who could not afford a traditional house built on site or did not want to spend large sums of money on housing despite having the means began to see factory built houses as a viable alternative. Karmod Factory Caravans constructs long-lasting and quality buildings in accordance with changing trends. You can contact us to have homes in the design you want for temporary or permanent purposes. The best and cheapest choice for labor accommodation, high quality portable cabin products from global caravans for sale suppliers.

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