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Commercial modular construction

Karmod is an industry leader in the construction of commercial modular buildings. We offer 10-25% lower construction cost than traditional construction. Karmod builds modular commercial buildings, prefab warehouse buildings, Modern permanent or temporary modular office buildings are attractive and encampment sites. Karmod, Inc. offers the best in Modular Construction and Site Development for Government, Commercial, Healthcare and Education industries.
With more than 36 years of experience in the production of prefabricated buildings, Karmod offers its users high quality products manufactured in modern production facilities equipped with its innovative principle. With a wide range of products, Karmod produces structures that can be preferred in dozens of areas from construction to health, from education to public services. With its commercial modular construction products, Karmod carries its quality all over the world.

Commercial Modular Buildings: Examples, Process & Benefits

The structure of the schools where our future is raised directly affects the education process. It is very important that the structures are sterile, have a low-maintenance quality structure, can be used in all seasons and conditions, and are environmentally friendly. Due to the increasing number of students every year, it has become an important necessity to increase the structures in which students can efficiently teach. One of the fastest and most economical solutions for school buildings is modular student housing. Karmod prefabricated education buildings are produced with great care under the supervision of experienced and expert teams. The structures produced as disassembled are shipped all over the world under Karmod assurance and transportation conditions at international standards. Again, they are installed by Karmod teams in a very short time and delivered ready to use.

School buildings manufactured using state-of-the-art systems may include:

  • Modular Dining Halls
  • Modular Dormitories
  • Classrooms
  • Portable WC buildings

Prefabricated Modular Hospital Buildings and Portable Clinics Suites

While the construction processes of hospital buildings take quite a long time with the classical reinforced concrete structure system, they also require quite high costs in terms of budget. For this reason, prefabricated and container structures are frequently preferred as alternative structures in health facility projects.

For example, mobile field hospital buildings, designed to provide health services in disasters such as earthquakes, floods, fires, international virus epidemics or post-war refugee camps, are prepared in the concept of a fully-fledged hospital.

One of the sectors that Karmod contributes the most is the health sector. It produces the most suitable solutions for the health sector with its structures that respond to both permanent and temporary needs of the health sector as soon as possible. Permanent and temporary modular clinics, patients rooms, operation rooms, staff accommodation…etc. All units of a hospital can be produced prefabricated as modular buildings. In addition to operating rooms and patient rooms, structures such as x-ray rooms, blood collection areas, intensive care units are also beaches for Karmod prefab hospital buildings.

Modular construction – Over 40 years of experience

One of the easiest and most advantageous Retail and Commercial Modular Buildings models in order to complete the hotel projects in a short time and put them into service is the prefabricated building system. Prefabricated hotel buildings can be completed ready-to-use, with the ease of the building system, within the time frame expressed in days. With its experience in the ready-made building sector since 1986, Karmod has been realizing tourism facility building projects in different building concepts such as recreational facilities and holiday villages, along with prefabricated hotels in long-lasting building class. Karmod Modular construction can be used as tourists information kiosks, food and beverage kiosks, newspapers and magazines selling cabins, security cabins and many other functions. Karmod can also produce holiday village structures for the tourism sector. It offers a complete solution to all the needs of a holiday village from reception to rooms, from conference rooms to laundries.

Best Commercial Modular Buildings Recognized

As Karmod, our commercial modular construction work areas include: Oilfield Accommodations, Worker Accommodation Buildings…

Visit our website for the most suitable temporary and permanent solution services for your educational buildings, tourism structures, healthcare buildings, construction projects and projects in all areas. You can also contact us for information about dealers. We deliver all over the world in international standards.

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