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If you are browsing the construction companies for your project, you should never decide without looking at Karmod. The experience and expert staff of Karmod Construction Companies ensure that even the most demanding projects are completed in the highest quality and on time.

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Your time, budget and project. Each one is very precious to us individually. We work with all our strength to manage each of these values ​​in the most efficient way. We closely follow the global developments in the sector. We use computer-aided design and cost planning systems in project processes. Thus, we not only reduce costs by increasing speed, quality and efficiency, but also increase safety.

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We strive to plan and produce our products far beyond the age, thanks to our close follow-up of innovations. By completing very large projects in record time, we stand out among the construction companies with our building quality and production speed.

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Education buildings are places where we raise our future. In this respect, it is one of the sectors that deserve the highest quality buildings. As Karmod, we offer the most useful building solution in rural areas, areas where traditional buildings are difficult to use, urgent building needs, refugee camps and wherever education is required. We use steel, prefabricated and containers in educational buildings. Not only as a construction from scratch, we also support the existing educational units that need additional buildings with our Construction Companies. We design and manufacture one-storey or two-storey schools in different numbers and different designs specific to the needs of each school. We contribute to continuing education quickly by producing in the shortest time possible.

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One of the places where Karmod modular construction company products are most preferred is construction site buildings. The prefabricated buildings, either container or prefabricated, provide many conveniences in construction sites. One of these convenience is very short production times. When reinforced concrete structures are preferred, building an area where hundreds of employees can accommodate requires very long times and at the same time costs a lot. However, the buildings designed and produced with the modular Construction Companies can be produced in a very short time and their costs are very low compared to traditional systems. One of the advantages of our structures is that they are easy to transport. We install our products that we produce in a demounted way in the delivery area. Our products produced with the unwelded system can be easily moved to another area at the end of the project period.

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Thanks to the state-of-the-art production systems, modular Construction Companies can be used safely not only in temporary solutions but also in areas that require permanent solutions such as hospitals and homes. Field hospitals are one of the most preferred health centers with prefabricated and container structures. Modular Construction Companies for field hospitals that need to be ready for use in a very short time provide great convenience with the advantages of fast production and easy use. It is possible to produce health centers where many healthcare professionals can serve hundreds of people within weeks. At the same time, prefab / container emergency units, polyclinic and hospital production can be made in refugee camps and for various rural areas.

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As soon as you choose one of Karmod construction company turkey products, we start production in our high-capacity modern production facilities. After passing many checks, we deliver our top quality products to anywhere in the world. Our products are produced demounted in the factory environment and installed at the place of delivery.

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