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Construction Storage Containers

Karmod construction site storage containers are the convenient, flexible, and affordable solution for construction managers and affordable construction storage containers for job sites. The leader in construction storage space for over 36 years! From fires and pandemics to construction projects and remodels, our portable construction storage containers are an affordable and reliable solution to all of your storage needs. The world’s leading expert in highly-secure, highly-customized storage solutions is here to help you maximize your space and find the right storage solution,

Mobile Construction Storage Container

There are many different needs in work sites. For this reason, the building needs are also very diverse. Structures of different sizes and numbers are needed from dormitories to dining halls, from offices to storages. The most suitable structures for this building need are modular buildings. Because modular buildings are portable. They are easily relocatable. Conditions and situations can always change in the work sites, therefore portable structures will be very useful for these areas. The main structures used in the work site are: construction storage containers, dormitory containers, dining hall containers, office containers. Prefabricated buildings can also be preferred for these buildings and containers are often more suitable.

Construction storage containers

As mentioned above, everything can change at once in work site areas. Suddenly, the location of a building may need to be changed, there may be a need for a new building. When structures that can adapt to these changing conditions are not preferred, this leads to both time and budget losses. Storage structures used in work sites provide convenience in many aspects. One of the benefits it provides is the prevention of time losses. When the materials required for the construction site can be stored sufficiently, you do not have to wait long periods for the material to be shipped when needed. You can store whatever is required for a construction storage container site, especially electrical installation or sanitary equipment, in units portable storage. You can store not only materials, but also important and protected machines such as generators in these containers.

Thanks to portable construction site storage buildings, you can change the location of your storages at any time. At the same time, they are easily expandable because they are modular structures. When larger areas are needed, this need can be met in a very short time.

Why choose Karmod construction storage containers?

Containers are portable structures that can be used in many different areas from houses to storage. Their use has been increasing in recent years. As the increased usage brings competition with it, the quality of the material and the building quality are increased. Carrying its products all over the world and preferred by dozens of leading companies from all over the world, Karmod has the most suitable structures for your work site. With our 36 years of industry experience, we produce the structures that offer the most efficient working and accommodation areas for your projects. Construction storage containers we produce with our new generation container technology, allow you to store your materials, machines or anything you want to store in the best way.

There are main features that construction storage containers should have. One of these features should be high thermal insulation and waterproof. Because if there is no good insulation in the containers where the products that can be stored above or below a certain temperature, this may cause the stored things to deteriorate, rot or become unusable. When it is not waterproof, it causes damage to the stored products in conditions such as heavy rain or snow. In addition, well-insulated or non-waterproof containers are not durable because they cannot be used in all seasons.

On-Site Storage Containers and Construction Solutions

All of Karmod containers have high insulation performance. They offer the best storage opportunity in all conditions. Although they will be used temporarily in areas such as construction sites, they have a permanent solution quality. You can easily use our construction storage containers for your other projects after one project. In addition, Karmod is with you not only for your storage needs for work sites, but also for all your storage needs. You can choose relocatable, economical and useful commercial storage containers for use in your production facilities. With the references of the world’s leading companies and thousands of people, Karmod is one of the most reliable brands.

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