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The Most Affordable Containers for Sale in Botswana

Our hard work and dedication have enabled us to become one of the largest and most competitive custom container home sales businesses in the African country of Botswana today.

Karmod Containers is a Botswana company with more than 36 years of experience in this field, making us the best choice for your needs with container sales at affordable prices.

Botswana is one of the African countries with the highest average economic rate paired with a large budget surplus and the longest sustained economic growth in Africa. This growth can be attributed to the diamond and gold mining sector, which is protected by cautious foreign policies.

As a result of the growing popularity around the world, people are installing affordable container for sale in Botswana and many other African countries. This allows people to use containers for a number of purposes, which are covered in more detail in the sections below. You may also be interested in containers for sale in Botswana.

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Karmod, Our hard work and dedication has enabled us to become one of the largest and most competitive custom affordable container home sales businesses in Botswana, Africa today.

Our experienced technicians are trained in Botswana to deliver our containers with expertise, efficiency and accuracy, while our friendly sales team is here to meet your every need. With our modern fleet of delivery vehicles, we also ensure that your delivery is handled quickly and carefully. We're focused on making your experience as easy, fast and enjoyable as possible, delivering exactly what you want, when you want it, and how you want it.

We sell container homes more than a week throughout Botswana and elsewhere. Allows us to offer one of the Prefab Container home stocks. Whether you have a standard size (our range covers 230x600 to 300x700 units) or your more specific needs such as in-house, custom build, refrigerated or DNV storage, our advice and expertise can provide the best team for your needs. Every customer is different and we know your needs can be met, whether the container home is bespoke or part of our regular range.

Modular Container Offices and Operation Site Structures

Karmod has been trading in Container production in Botswana since 1986. We are one of the leading container manufacturers in Africa and Botswana. Our comprehensive knowledge of the market has kept us at the forefront of the container industry, offering competitive prices and top quality products. As well as retailing standard containers, we specialize in modifying office and jobsite containers specifically for the storage market, such as reducing modular containers to smaller sizes and providing a wide range of optional extras to complete your container. Over the last few years we have become the Container house industry leading experts who can offer you a full range of converting options for any design or product. With our own 32,000 m2 own manufacturing warehouse, you will deal directly with our team of experts and we can provide complete quality control of your Project.
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