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Karmod Container Building delivering excellence In everything we do. Let’s Build Something Great Together. Our Container Buildings Provide a Fast and Practical Solution to Accommodation Requirements. Fast Eurpe And World and Nationwide Delivery.We’ll apply our expertise as craftsmen to bring your complex architectural visions to life. We are specialized in container building complex structures.
We offer turnkey solutions with latest Commercial container buildings technology. 36 years experience, 130 countries and more than 5 million square meters production. Commercial container buildings Construction, World’s Largest Brand Marketplace, Karmod, builds and delivers Commercial container structures worldwide. Specializing in temporary and permanent structures, we bring your idea to life. Modular container buildings offices and buildings offer low cost, efficiency and flexibility. See some of the coolest new designs around the world.

Cost Effective Container Buildings – Sustainable Construction

Container buildings are very useful structures that can be used from homes to construction sites. In an age where we desire speed in everything, we want everything we receive to reach us quickly. Containers are also very advantageous products in this regard. They can be produced in a very short time. They are ideal for urgent needs. The fact that they are produced in a demounted manner provides convenience in transportation.

Karmod is a brand that produces container buildings for the world. Its products are long-lasting, economical and useful. Thanks to the new generation container technology, the installation of the products is also very easy and the installation is provided by Karmod teams in the place where the delivery is made in only four steps.

Mind-Blowing Modular Container Buildings with Open-Concept Design

Karmod’s container building products are very diverse. It is very easy for Karmod products to find a suitable container for all kinds of building needs.

Sandwich Panel Container Buildings at Best Price in Turkey

Sandwich panels container buildings is a composite material that provides high insulation on the roofs and facades of the buildings. Polyurethane, polyisocyanurate, polystyrene, rock wool and glass wool are used in this material. Polyurethane is injected between galvanized sheet or aluminum sheets according to preference or need. It is a material that has high performance not only in sound and heat insulation, but also in water leakage. In this respect, it provides ease of use on all kinds of roofs and facades, increases the container building quality, expected life of an item and durability.

As Karmod, we use electrostatic powder coating in our sandwich panel containers. With this paint system, our products can be used for long periods without requiring maintenance. They provide ease of cleaning. Sandwich panel container buildings can be preferred in all kinds of buildings from sports complexes to construction sites.

The World’s Brand For Site Office Container Buildings, Karmod

Karmod a world leader in production of site office containers based on many models and for different usages. Site office container buildings are the most preferred structures in large construction projects. Because it is economical with low costs and its quality is very good despite low prices.

The structures used in construction sites must be durable and can be used in all seasons. As Karmod, we produce our buildings in accordance with the climatic conditions of the regions where they are located, as well as being suitable for 1st degree earthquake zones. All of our site office controllers are suitable for use in all seasonal conditions. It can be preferred from dining halls to dormitories, from administrative office container buildings to toilet and showers.

Incredible Container Buildings Around the World

The features that should be in the buildings used in city centers may sometimes differ according to rural areas. The products used in cities are expected to be better aesthetically and in harmony with the texture of the city. As Karmod, we designed container buildings we call metropolis container, that will be suitable for every area of ​​the city. The buildings that can be used everywhere from taxi stands, mukhtars, security offices to publaicity offices are very stylish in appearance and very comfortable in ergonomics!

Luxurious container showers and toilets in Unique Designs

Portable Toilets and showers can be used in many areas, especially in construction sites. Schools, dormitories, worker camps, masjids, With Karmod toilet and shower Commercial container buildings, you can have sterile structures suitable for human health at very economical prices and in a very short time. We can design and produce WC and shower structures together, separately or in combination, according to your needs and demands.

Container Office Buildings You Can Order Right Now

With container buildings, it is possible to have a house in just one day. Own your dream summer house, winter home, chalet, garden and highland house in just days with Commercial container buildings! Karmod has thousands of individual references around the world and dozens of references from companies that are leaders in their field. You can view the projects we have contributed to, and all of our products on our website, and contact us for detailed information.

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