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Our mission is to do only one thing and do it better than anyone else in the world: to build the most adaptable, durable and sustainable container homes for the people of Jamaica. Prefab container homes in Jamaica make incredible homes with their unique style, modern looks and creative layouts. They're also affordable, easy to build, and delivered directly to you - a pretty good price if you ask us.

Karmod is Jamaica's professional container home and prefabricated container house manufacturer since 1986. Karmod's main products include modular buildings, prefabricated house, container homes, temporary house, flat pack container house, large-scale labor camp, mine and oil gas camps, steel structure buildings, prefabricated villas. and other integrated buildings, widely used in industry, traffic, city construction, commercial and other temporary accommodation.

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We started building high end traditional container homes in Jamaica and fell in love with container homes in 1986. We've brought our legacy of high-end craftsmanship into the container business. Each of our builds is made to the same standard and quality as the previous one.

Karmod container homes are regularly designed and developed based on standard size container homes in Jamaica. It can also be customized according to customers' specific requirements. Office, meeting room, dormitory, store, portable cabin, mobile toilet, warehouse, kitchen, shower room etc. can be used as Karmod Container home is used in general contracting projects, Oil and gas field projects, Hydroelectric Projects, Military projects, mining sector projects, etc. It is widely used as a labor camp or army for short and long term field mobilization.

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Karmod prefabricated container home has many advantages such as fast installation and easy transportation, high turnover and long life in Jamaica. Karmod container house is one of the advantages of heat and water insulation. On the basis of modular standard container home, container house can be grouped horizontally and vertically. Flexible in layout and prefabricated to achieve different function purposes. Welcome to get quotation from Karmod container home manufacturer.

At first glance, an industrial container home in Jamaica does not inspire thoughts. But in the hands of a reusable talented architect, the humble steel container can be transformed into an eco-friendly home, a colorful pop-up store, or even a sprawling marketplace. Cargo isn't any more affordable than traditional construction site buildings, but the strength of the prefab means these transformative structures can be built quickly and efficiently.

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