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Since 1986, as Karmod Container Technologies, we developed ourselves to achieve different goals and improve ourselves in modular buildings industry. Karmod container houses are robust & modular, perfect for almost any space requirement. We specialise in tailored container solutions for our clients and have global production facilities throughout the Middle East and  Namibia Africa. Container homes are strong, secure and modular, making them the perfect solution for just about any instant space requirement. They can be modified and converted into virtually any space and their durability allows for these spaces to be moved and positioned to form individual or multiple container structures. They are not only suited to rapid delivery due to their modular nature but are also perfect for remote camps as a “plug and play” solution for everything from office and accommodation requirements to medical facilities and training rooms. To achieve that, we have established a team of experts and constantly searched for modern technologies that can be implemented in our works. From container buildings and containers for construction sites to prefabricated houses and modular cabins, we provide the best services for your any kind of accommodation needs. As Karmod Prefabricated Technologies, we attach great importance to the production of our prefabricated panels.

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These panels are what make our modular buildings portable, affordable, durable, configurable, and practical than most of the portable accommodation services available in the market. Meaning, they can be placed or moved from one place to another with or without the need for deinstallation, they are designed to be exceptionally durable and withstand any human-made or natural disasters and even occupy in the most extreme zones, like warzones, with extra durability option, they can have their entire exterior, interior, roof, floor, etc. completely customized on demand and still have an affordable price tag compared to any kind of permanent building or other modular buildings. As Karmod Prefabricated Technologies, we also consider practicality in all of our works. While still maintaining modernity in our designs, with our expert teams, we make sure that each and every product we made is designed to provide you exactly what you need but able to provide much more. We also take all professional and humane measures into consideration and work with caution while taking necessary precautions before starting our operations to reduce the amount of possible disturbance we may cause to a minimum. We believe that having these ideals and maintaining the mutual relationship we have between our clients is what made us so successful globally.

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Container houses are one of the latest trends affecting the construction industry lately. Houses of any design and size can be built from these giant blocks. It is known by everyone that this technology provides great convenience. However, it is debated whether container houses are a temporary trend or the architecture of the future. The most important of modern needs is undoubtedly fast consumption. Despite having many advantages, the most important feature of container houses is that they can be obtained quickly. Speed brings with its low cost. Especially for mass housing projects, the most important criterion is that it can be obtained quickly. While technology is changing rapidly, industrial projects are expected to be carried out accordingly. Container houses, as the name suggests, are living or working spaces made of their containers. A huge apartment building can be built using hundreds of containers. You can also build hundreds of smaller homes in the same design and size. That’s why they’re more flexible and much more versatile than a container you’ll see at first glance.

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One of the common usage areas of containers is mass housing projects. Houses used in almost every country are especially popular in Africa. Unlike other countries, cities in African countries are more suitable for the construction of modern prefabricated buildings. Manufacture and erection of container homes Namibia and throughout Africa offers ideal solutions thanks to its low cost and quality materials. The new container houses are used for a variety of options, with fully customized units on request. Prefab container offices Namibia are suitable for modern use. The material used is extremely robust and therefore ideal for harsh environments and places where safety is important. In addition, they provide higher level and aesthetically pleasing units. Uheni container housing project is one of the steps taken for sustainable construction projects.

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