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Amazing Modern Container Homes in Spain

Recently, container houses have become an architectural favorite in Spain and it seems everyone is talking about Karmod containers. In Spain and elsewhere in the world, prefabricated container homes, portable caravans, farm and summer cottages, mobile tiny homes, etc. It replaces traditional brick and mortar models. That's why we think an energetic and quality container house might be right for you. The container houses that Karmod produces are typically a residential area made of galvanized steel containers. Container houses, first of all, do you know of steel containers with panel system that you can use for a lifetime with fast, practical installation and high insulation?

These container houses, which are the most preferred in Spain in general, have a great demand for one of two sizes: 230 x 600 - 14 m2 or 300 x 700 - 21 m2 container houses are preferred by families. There is no limit to the houses you can use with all this area. You can use them as a stand-alone container residence, a work office space, or create a multi-story container house with a few crates. People are getting more creative and can make two or three rooms more convenient to make comfortable modern homes; The designs are unique! Take a look at what has become of these usable container homes.

Benefits of Owning a Container House in Spain

Cheap. Compared to traditional brick and mortar homes, container homes are relatively inexpensive. Container houses with their portable modular structure require less construction materials and labor to build.

Container houses are durable and do not require much external maintenance. Generally, container houses are made of highly insulated polyurethane panels and galvanized steel. This modular component requires very little external maintenance for the homeowner, allowing container homes to stay in good condition for a very long time

It is easy to move because it is portable. A container house is just one step away from a traditional mobile tiny house, and in many cases people convert their prefab container homes into mobile homes. Since these container houses are not fixed to the ground with any foundation, they are much easier to move from one place to another in Spain. If you're someone who doesn't tend to stay in one place for very long but still want a permanent container home, this is your best bet.

Stunning Container Family Homes in Spain Are Spectacular

A container house that we manufacture is a faster, easier construction. When building a prefab container home, some building contractors can build a great home in less than a month. Depending on your architectural design, your container house can be ready in a few weeks. However, since galvanized steel container houses are well insulated to turn them into a welcoming environment, you don't have to deal with insulation and also the hassle of humidity and rain. As a result, we recommend a container house in Spain with a steel frame, modern frame or traditional galvanized steel reinforced polyurethane Sandwich panel, all of which can provide you with a very energy efficient container house.

Want to build an energy efficient container house in Spain but don't know where to buy it? Contact our Karmod sales team and let us help you understand the process, including what you can get for your budget.

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