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Karmod is a factory-built container home made of Galvanized steel. Our insulated energetic container Homes are meticulously custom-designed for Sri Lanka for extreme durability, efficiency and the right size for modern living.

Sri Lanka All our Container home floor plans are available, fixed with defined options for finishes and upgrades; Enough options to make your container home fit for you without slowing down the momentum of building a factory. This provides predictability in unit costs and timelines.

Our process at the container home is designed for complete transparency; From creating a project budget, creating the foundation drawings for use by your local contractor, to the final delivery and installation of your Karmod Container Home in Sri Lanka. We offer a fast and environmentally friendly approach to container homes construction in Europe and Sri Lanka. They are also more structurally sound than traditionally built container homes, providing less maintenance for homeowners.

Container Homes You Can Buy Right Now in Sri Lanka

Karmod container builds custom container homes that are only limited by your imagination. Because Modular Containers are easily interchangeable and stackable, you can make any container home in a variety of sizes by making containers that give you complete creative freedom. From holiday homes, portable cabins, and tiny cottages, apartments, temporary living and traditional container homes, we can build it all to your needs.

A Karmod container home starts out as new or lightly used galvanized steel containers that are then modified and outfitted in our custom factory. Most of the work is done at the factory, including removing the side-insulated panels, installing the vertical beams, cutting the openings for the doors and windows, and insulating. Karmod Container homes require some type of concrete foundation to ensure they are safe. Optionally This can be a slab or a poured basement. When the equipped container homes reach the site, they are lifted onto the foundation with a crane, then buried and screwed in place. The rest of the interior insulation and portion of the house was completed in situ.

Where in Sri Lanka Containers are used in Homes: civil servants and Pizza bakeries, Restaurant cafes, milk bars and even small kiosks restaurants etc. It can make a nice and quiet environment suitable for container food outlets such as. Container Houses Sri Lanka Container Office, Container kiosk Designs, Portable Cabin Container Size,

Inspiring Container Home Designs in Sri Lanka

Karmod Containers are an ideal building material as they are strong, durable, stackable, portable, plentiful and relatively inexpensive. Learn more about the advantages of building a container home in Sri Lanka.

In Sri Lanka, we take great care to ensure that the containers we use for construction are clean and ready for construction use. We also make sure to build your container house specifically to your specifications and needs. Our container homes are built to the International building code and actually exceed most CE and ISO construction standards. Call us on the phone for more information and to start your unique home building experience.

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