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In Hungary, Karmod container is our architectural solution based on an innovative idea as a result of many developments and researches. State of the art Container houses is a creative high quality application. When you dream of a practical office container, industrial modular building or a container house, we have implemented our solutions in the International European and Hungarian market to make a dream come true. Container house architecture is not only fast but also very inexpensive. The modern and unique buildings you are looking for.

The concept of container house structures in Hungary is transparent, light and the feeling of living in a container house is to make our user customers a kind of close to nature. Different tiny rooms are easy to tell apart and look like a modern, tough little apartment, farmhouse or summer house.

Our approach to container family houses for everyone is to produce solutions in container housing construction with all its sincerity, warmth, energy efficiency and cost efficiency, and it is a competitor of an average reinforced concrete apartment block. Unleash your imagination in container houses and make your dreams come true with this unique technology.

Can Container houses solve the Hungary's housing crisis?

Building a container house in Hungary is a good idea for those who just want to build something cheap house affordable for living or for other purposes. This is what comes to mind for anyone who wants to own a unique modern home. The terms of use of the mobile container house are unlimited.

Quick planning and fabrication of a container house and immediately after installation and use on site, this saves a lot of time and money. No matter whether the order needs a container house, a workplace or other commonly used places, to many users these container houses can meet their need.

The advantages of Container houses in Hungary so far are quite large and solid money saver, Container houses are a structure that is easy to build and expand. On the other hand, container houses are produced with sandwich panel materials, so container houses also protect our environment with this energetic solution.

Container house Hungary - 36 years of experience

The container house is the best solution if there is a problem in the planning of the building in Hungary or in the region where it is built. If it is a mobile container house, it is not necessary to obtain a building permit. The use of dry technology in construction is not an architectural project and an activity under Hungarian law.

To sum up Container Houses in Hungary, we create cost-effective and environmentally efficient, mobile and easy-to-expand container apartments, houses, offices, school hospitals and fun places. It is cheap and high quality as the main direction. You will be able to develop your business at an incredible speed with our unique solution with our container house technology.

When constructing modular industrial container structures in Hungary, we pay special attention to complying with strict rules and building regulations. As a result, the modular container house and building will not only be cost effective, but also economical and sustainable and livable in every respect.

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