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Gorgeous House Made of Containers in Italy

Top quality Karmod container houses in Italy is a commercial Italian brand that is designed for sale of high performance energetic container houses, produced completely on demand, idealized and realized in container houses in 230x600 or 300x700 dimensions. The comfortable and inviting feelings when entering a Home container are the same as when entering a traditional home of your own, where the habitable parts are harmoniously understood such as a nightclub, a living space, a fully equipped kitchen and a bathroom with shower.

The inspiring idea of ​​the Project in Italy stemmed from Karmod's desire to meet the increasing demand for emergency life solutions for refugees, disaster and earthquake, which can combine comfort and design with low cost, energetic, flexibility and convenient logistics management and transportation. The home container is a tangible solution to this international demand for containerized home solutions, based on key factors such as an excellent fast delivery service and the possibility to instantly benefit from an already pre-arranged, modernly designed and furnished environment. nightclub, kitchen, living area and bathroom. However, the most obvious benefit is the possibility of using CE and ISO STANDARD container houses as the transport structure.

High performance container houses in Italy

Living containers of Karmod container houses can be combined and overlapped with their modular structure to create larger area and more complex modular structures. The living environment is completely produced by one or more 14 m2' or 21' Ce and ISO standard container houses. In order to send home containers to all over the world, 10 units are loaded into 40 HC containers as flat pack containers for more economical transportation to a ship.

As the prices of reinforced concrete houses in Italy continue to rise, container houses have emerged as an affordable and environmentally friendly housing solution. More and more countries around the world are accepting the green building culture, and as a result, many large companies are having container homes and container hotels built. Italy-based production and design firm Karmod became the most sought-after brand in the container building trend and designed container houses for two families who are also interested in container houses.

How much does a container house cost in Italy?

Imagine if these two-story modular container villas were built on a sloping, sea-view location with panoramic views of the central Italy's countryside. The walls are completely panel system insulated and the house is powered by solar energy. There will be living rooms, kitchen and sleeping rooms and a studio for working from home. not live in this house?

Our Italy special production Both container villas have similar floor plans with dining rooms overlooking the rural landscape. These modern container house designs look really cool and once completed they will be a fine example of contemporary, efficient and eco-friendly container house architecture in Italy.

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