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Best Container House Builder in the Philippines

Established in 1986, Karmod Prefabricated Container House is an organization that focuses on the design, manufacture, marketing and construction of high quality Light steel structures, container houses and affordable prefabricated houses. The company's pre-engineered buildings are customizable, making them manufacturing, storage, commercial steel buildings, gymnasiums, astroturf and sports fields, agricultural warehouses, steel garages, industrial and commercial metal steel buildings.

Container houses in the Philippines, The container houses we produce are not only affordable but also a great choice to have a durable house. They are also portable, mobile, modular to build faster and giving you more freedom to create your ideal container house, no matter how small or large. Prefab container homes are also becoming a trend in the Philippines, as many Filipino families cannot afford the high costs of traditional housing.

Low Cost Container House in Philippines

If you are one of those who dream of owning your own container house in the Philippines but work on a limited budget, you are in the right place! Here we are one of the best companies in Karmod company offering you affordable modern prefab container house kits.

Karmod container houses for the philippines produces steel modular containers that can be used for many different purposes such as temporary office space, portable homes, emergency medicine clinics and many more. It is very easy to transport, open and assemble anywhere.

Energetic and Intelligent Container Homes are a group of innovators specializing in providing homes for workers, temporary residents and families through the application of state-of-the-art techniques that are time efficient and cost effective. The architectural aesthetics and engineering expertise of Karmod makes prefabricated buildings and affordable mass housing to provide shelter for informal settlers, as well as easy-to-build dormitories, health buildings, hospitals, school classrooms and other needs.

Living in a Container House in The Philippines

Karmod Container is a high quality, CE and ISO certified prefabricated building and container manufacturer established in 1986 in the Philippines. They have a professional team of architectural designers and engineers to fast track their services for the creation of custom prefabricated containers. Karmod Container has succeeded to take its place in the container industry in the Philippines by offering contemporary ideas in the field of container house design and application such as modular offices, mobile stores, ablution containers, and prefabricated houses, leaving its competitors far behind and becoming the most sought-after brand in the Philippines.

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