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Luxury Container House Manufacturer in Dubai UAE

Specially designed container houses designed for comfort, style, luxury and natural beauty of their surroundings, suitable for today's modern urban requirements and life expectancies. It is produced with the latest technology, Arabian architectural appropriate sensibilities.

Karmod makes all your dreams come true by combining these magical modular container houses. We manufacture 230x600 and 300x700 and 400x800 custom sized containers to create areas such as Work Offices, Accommodations, Hotels, Ablutions, Industrial Units, Villas, Retail Spaces, Cafes & Kitchens, Mobile Caravans and Mega Camps (for Mining, Military & Rehabilitation).

Every uninsulated container building may get hot in summer and may not be suitable for human habitation. A container house is just as sensitive to insulation as any other structure or material. All Karmod container modules are insulated with Rockwool or PU sandwich panels, providing a much more efficient insulation environment than a standard brick and mortar structure.

Gorgeous container houses and offices made in the UAE

We offer high-quality modular construction at every level to the lives of communities that we have the privilege to influence. While remaining sensitive to rising costs and changing trends, Karmod believes in the relentless pursuit of excellence. We achieve this. with our promise to provide a better tomorrow with quality education, innovative technology and environmentally friendly solutions today.

Karmod Container houses offer a new modular and prefabricated container houses turnkey solutions for innovative real estate development, Hospitality and private housing areas. We work with international and local experts who fully understand the cultural and geographical sensitivities of the region to provide a complete end-to-end solution. Our designers and engineers have worked with some of the most famous Arab companies in modular design/construction and hotel operations. Our company value is inspired by the idea of ​​building a better future for future generations by applying the latest designs, sustainable practices and environmentally friendly materials. We are proud to say that we are the pioneer of modular container house building in the Middle East region and we strive to provide you with a perfect final product in less time.

Modular container house structures make the whole process more cost-effective by ensuring that construction takes place with minimum waste, reduced, flexible payment options and reduced on-site production. The modular assembly process and on-site construction happen simultaneously, resulting in the process taking 40-60% less time than the traditional construction process.

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